Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Wes Wing

Wes in the round
All eyes may have been on President Obama during his State of the Union speech last night, but deep within the bowels of the Capitol, one Wesley Barrett was leafing through some reading material. Actually, the former El Ocho photog was boning up on some classwork as the President droned on/enthralled the masses (depending on your politics). Speaking of politics, I always knew it was one of Wes' passions. What I didn't know is he would one day flee the Piedmont for D.C. , where he regularly bumps fists with the leaders of the free world. Not bad for a guy who once spent an entire week trapped in an Oklahoma dorm room with your surly neighborhood lenslinger. That and a memorable appearance on this very blog could have limited this former farm boy to a life of medium market melancholy. Instead he and his lovely wife made their way to Washington, where the many monuments, nut-jobs and sat shots keep this die-hard N.C. State fan constantly hoppin'. That is, when he's not highlighting his syllabus...

Some International Man of Mystery.