Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Covington Update

Say what you will about Bucky Covington; he sure makes the country girls scream. Recently the former American Idol finalist blew through his hometown of Rockingham, N.C. for a victory lap, some homemade cookin' and a free concert. When I caught up with him he was fending off a group of women at a charity event. It was no less than a hundred degrees inside that warehouse, the masses were in full-on cackle and Bucky made them all feel good about being so excited. Sure, it didn't hurt that a video crew from GAC was documenting his every move - but that's just me being cynical. In fact, I probably risk a little crusty credibility every time I gush over this gangly good ole boy, but what can I tell ya? He impressed the hell out of Shannon Smith and me the moment we met him on a Hollywood rooftop some three years ago. While other Idol contestants were working on their scowls and falsettos, this former body shop worker was happily stunning the West Coast staff with his genu-wine Southern drawl, turning a simple showbiz junket into an anthropology exhibit.

Since then, Covington's excelled where many Idol winners have failed, releasing an album that debuted at number 1 on the country charts and spawned three hit singles. Heck, I even listened to it once! But Bucky doesn't need a lenslinging schlub like me hanging on his every warble. He's got a legion of female fans clamoring for his sophomore CD, a reportedly potent disc that even boasts a cover of a (GULP!) Nickelback tune. That aside, it should sell very well, for Bucky's done his due diligence, crisscrossing the country, performing with industry giants, even going on tee-vee to prove he was 'Smarter than a Fifth Grader'. Dude's come a l-o-n-g way from bangin' out dents in Richmond County. When we chatted on the day of his return we picked up on a conversation we'd last had in a Nashville recording studio. He remains the same giggly hillbilly and for that fact alone I consider myself a fan. Those outside country music may not get his appeal, but it hardly matters. Bucky Covington will still be wowing crowds with the music he loves long after the likes of Simon Cowell have choked themselves on too tight t-shirts and trendy bitterness.

And many thanks to Jimmy McDonald for use of his photo. Check out his other stuff!


Anonymous said...

That Bucky is so precious! and genuine! Beverly C.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a 'gen-u-wine' article about Bucky. I love everything about him and it is so refreshing to read from someone who gets his appeal.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic article! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love Bucky Covington! There is nothing better than one of his concerts, he loves to perform, loves his fans, and doesn't pull the "superstar" antics that most singers do. This is his career and he loves every second of it!


Anonymous said...

What a nice article about Bucky. I agree with you 100%. By the way, I've heard Bucky's version of the Nickelback song, 'GOTTA BE SOMEBODY" and he sounds fantastic!!

redbird49 said...

You got that right girl! This is an awesome article!!! He is so genuine and his southern charm and charismatic personality and good looks never cease to amaze me! I'm so proud to be a lifelong follower of this immensely talented young man!! I'm so excited about his career and where it's going, and I can not wait to see what tomorrow holds for my American Idol!! And it makes me feel so proud that he remembers my name now, and calls my name each time I see him! He is just such a sweetie!! I will be there at every turn in the road of his 30 year career, as I proudly watch him follow his dream! :)

GJ from Texas