Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Photo property Dwaine Scott
(9:00pm/NBC/TV-14) Wackiness ensues as an anonymous lobster forgoes the boiling pot for a life of spotlights, limousines and groupies. Hologram-or-not Donald Trump bestows earthly riches on a lazy crustacean named 'Gus' in the long-shelved mid-season replacement. Part of NBC's failed "Royality Show" series, Rock(lob)Star! was the first to feature Peacock network cast-offs thrusting the perks of B-List celebrity onto inanimate objects. Unlike the episode where Martha Stewart lionizes a random push-broom, R(l)S! shows initial promise - especially when a feisty chef threatens to broil Trump's comb-over should he liberate just one more crayfish. But the "Royality" concept falls apart quickly, when - after being put up in a posh Manhattan penthouse - Gus fails to fall in love with Bret Michaels. Special guest appearances by Charo, NBC News photographer Dwaine Scott, plus a special performance by the B-52's. (60 Minutes)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stew.

I set up a Sat shot for Dwaine and had dinner with him and crew. Very cool fella.

Nice to see G. Lee back on the blog. I love the line "over stuffed nylons in Daisy Duck shoes." You have the gift.

Keep writing my friend.

Ken Corn