Monday, October 27, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Whatever He Wants

A recent demonstration in Newark, New Jersey was apparently too peaceful for one local cop, who upped the ante by attacking the closest photog. Jim Quodomine of WCBS-TV was covering a rather placid gun violence protest when the above constable suddenly demanded he unhand his camera. An odd request on a public street, but before Quodomine could even decide how to react, the officer got all grabby, ripping the camera from the photog's grip and putting him in the obligatory chokehold. I've watched the video several times now and still can't figure out what triggered the policeman's sudden wrath. Perhaps he thought he was auditioning for the next Stephen Segal movie. That would help to explain the cheesy one-liner he dropped when reporter Christine Sloan told him he couldn't manhandle her cameraman.

"I can do whatever I want."

Ooooo-kay. How about ruining your good standing with all reasonable peeps by brazenly assaulting an innocent citizen? Or having your buffoonery showcased for all the world to see by the very device you're ripping from that man's shoulder? Is that within your jurisdiction as well, Officer Throttle? I hope so, 'cause you gonna be on the Tee-Vee! Luckily for us, a few grown-ups were on scene. Once they captured your actions with their trusty cell-phone cams, they stuck around to admonish you via the evening news. Ain't citizen journalism grand? How else would we know it's perilous to power up in certain parts of the Garden State? And here I thought New Jersey was a tax-paying territory of the United States. Hmmph. Just goes to show what a Southerner knows...

Enjoy your unpaid suspension. Hell, do whatever you want!

UPDATE: (via the ever crafty Horonto) ... Seems Officer Throttle ain't an occifer at all, but an individual 'specially trained' by the city who works security at churches and businesses and such. Back to the food court, Schmuck!


live apt fire said...

What a dipsh!t.

Btw Stewart this piece is on youtube now,

Thanks for giving me some fodder for my blog.

Horonto said...

Looks like he isn't a cop he is a special police officer, whatever that means.

From the WINS 1010 story
Booker said that special police officers, such as Shariff, receive training from the city and often work at churches and local businesses. Their uniforms are similar to those of regular police officers, but they are not police officers.

Horonto said...

Schmuck with a cane.

Partisan folks with a camera but a caning none the less.

turdpolisher said...

special police officer means he takes the short bus to work.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I spent 11 years traveling all over North America and after two trips thru New jersey we decided we would travel a thousand miles to go around that "frog pond of attitude".

A far second on the froggy list is the state of Washington, but at least they have the constant depressing rain to blame their attitude on. Brenda Bowers