Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Life of Brian

All 015.001
Tonight's post is dedicated to one Brian Hall, fellow photog from across the proverbial street. I don't know Brian well, but I see him everywhere: at train wrecks, bake sales, hostage stand-offs and ribbon-cuttings ... you know the same places YOU run into colleagues. Lately though, Brian's been Missing In Action. His co-workers say he banged up his ankle, but I'm not so sure. See, Brian's one of those guys who's popped up on this blog a lot; not because I'm particularly enamored with his rugged good looks, but simply because he's been around whenever I fished out the digital camera from my oh-so stylish fannypack. Case in point: the above photo, in which Brian's very facial expression screams, "Dude, hurry the #$@&% up!" So here's to you, previously unidentified photog guy, your hairy mug and quizzical looks have really brightened up the place over the years - even if I've never seen you wear long pants ... Don't ask.

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