Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fire Lake...LIVE!

He calls himself NewsRover, but if every live shot the young photog does is this breathtaking, I'd chuck the cell phone in the lake and set a spell. What better way to savor the dusk than to let it make you miss slot? 'Slot', that's teeveese for deadline. Daniel Kovach was moments away from making his deadline one day last month when he snapped this ephemeral vista of Utah Lake. I'm not sure what he was aiming for, but he came away with the closing shot of that old John Hughes movie. You know- the one where young Matthew Broderick stars as that shy and wistful lenslinger; the one that ends with him and that goth-chick from 'Heathers' rolling around on the grassy knoll as a comical ringtone cries out from salty bottom? No? Hmmm, that's weird; they use to play it all the time on HBO. Anyhoo, I'm way off course, so I'm just gonna grab my stuff and go... Anybody seen my gypsy leathers?


ALE said...

Hey Stewart, KEYE has managed to top your hurricane boogie board.

A crew of theirs managed to put a sat truck out of commission.

Harry said...

uh.. Stew... are you referring to the movie "No Small Affair"?

If so, It's not Matthew Broderick, rather, Jon Cryer.