Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dork Knight

Cartoon Panel
Sure, I'm pretty two dimensional - but I haven't morphed into a cartoon superhero just yet (though my wife does swear there's a giant "L" on my forehead). I'm just busy, that's all! After a couple weeks of mixing it up with various reporters, I've been granted a slight reprieve by way of the non-linear timeline. Yes, all those big-wig profiles and scary factory tours have stacked up, forcing me to pass up the sweltering crush of Southern humidity for the icy confines of an air conditioned edit suite. SWEET! Don't get me wrong: I still love the magic of the grab, but when the very air feels like wet Play-Doh, I'm ALL for locking myself in a dark, dank box and pretending to be at least semiconscious (You forget I learned how to sleep with my eyes open in the Navy).

The only problem is, extended periods of time hunched over a candy-colored keyboard don't make for very good anecdotes. Sure, there was that exciting post-lunch rudh where I vacillated between close-ups of the Nyquil bottles zipping by and the wide shot of Chad Tucker adjusting his hairnet - but that kind of excitement's hard to portray unless you were actually there. Anyhoo, my shooting sabbatical will soon come to a halt - as I'm running out of series pieces to slice and the assignment guy is doing slow donuts just outside my door. Why, in no time I'll be dripping in flopsweat as someone with much better hair waits inside the car for me to finish shooting that empty building. It's a living - and at times, a damned interesting one. Bear with me as I try to transfer some of that intrigue here. Otherwise, I'm dropping this whole pixel act and turn to scrapbooking, which - as far as I can tell - is basically blogging with Scotch Tape.

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turdpolisher said...

be careful what you wish for. swamp ass is rampant.