Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Photog Fights Back

While I sit around issuing silly Schmuck Alerts, a Florida photog is putting his modem where his mouth is. In February of 2007, Miami police arrested multimedia journalist Carlos Miller for taking pictures on a public street. They say he was obstructing traffic, but the photo he took seconds before being tackled and shackled seems to prove otherwise. Nonetheless, Miller now faces nine misdemeanor charges and is eagerly awaiting trial. In the meantime, he's channeling his outrage into advocacy by blogging vehemently on the subject of cops, photogs and Freedom of Speech. Unlike your friendly neighborhood lenslinger, Miller's Fired Up. You might be too if officers from your hometown bashed your head against the pavement, simply because you pointed a lens at them. No matter what you think of Carlos Miller or the merits of his case, there's no denying these troubling instances are on the rise. Why that is exactly, I don't know - but in a YouTube soaked post 9-ll world, too many folks behind the badge consider those of us behind the lens as the enemy. That goes both ways of course and I don't expect Miller's defiant site will soothe rumpled feelings on either side of the Thin Blue Line. Still, anyone who promises to 'mock, madden and maybe even muckrake' has my attention - especially when he's fighting for my right to plant my sticks wherever the Constitution says I can. We'll be watching...

(Photo by Danny Hammontree)


carlos miller said...


Thank you for that awesome write-up.

I love your moniker.

Amanda said...

Damn Carlos, I've had nothing but the opposite of your problem with the cops - in fact not to long ago I was photographing along Lake Roosevelt where we have signs planted up and down the river courtesy of homeland insecurity telling people to call the cops if they see someone who looks funny and has a camera only to find Washington State Patrol slipped up behind me to keep meth head assholes from harassing me because of those "stupid signs" as the cop put it and I happened to have a large expensive Nikon in my hands.

Give them hell Carlos.

Eddie said...

The trial is over with mixed results.