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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NAB 08: Man Down!

NAB 08 Dead Man
I don't know if it was the desert heat, the rivers of gin or all that rapdly emerging media, but when I walked by this hapless cat, I didn't bother to ask. Instead, I felt his pain (from a safe distance, anyway), for if nothing else, NAB's Electronic Media Show is hard on the frame. The gritty wind, the endless exhibits and the twenty four hour booze cycle ... it's a wonder more visitors don't get all horizontal out in the open. You know, I did see a few thuggy types trying to decide whether or not to roll him - but they must have figured he was a photog, for they dropped a few bucks on him and loaned him their deodorant. Here's hoping dude eventually woke up and wandered home...

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