Friday, March 07, 2008

McCain Gets Brained

McCain Eats Camera Battery
We all know running for President can be brutal: the incessant travel, the rubber chicken plates, those midnight booty calls from Larry King. But rarely does a candidate get clocked in the noggin’ by a member of the media and no one gets arrested. It happened in West Palm. Republican nominee-to-be John McCain was leaving a swing-through stop already riddled with technical snafus when the former Prisoner of War caught a fancycam to the forehead. No doubt the pundits will pick apart the resulting footage like the Zapruder film, but from all that I can see it was nothing more than a little elbow fiesta party foul. In fact, the good Senator himself walked into the WSVN battery pack before quickly righting his course. That’s when a female campaign worker charged the offending photog and caused a bigger stir than the original collision. Man, if it weren’t an election year I’d issue a Class 3 Schmuck Alert on that lady, but since she was probably in the grips of some John Hinckley takedown flashback, I’ll cut her some slack. As for McCain, he shrugged off the blow and shook the photog’s hand (and to think Ann Coulter considers him The Devil! I‘d like to see that anorexic shrew take a shot to the temple and show as much class). When all was said and done, the incident was over before it started. It might not even get any play on the cable networks, but I’m delighted to showcase it here - if only in the vain hopes the bellicose lady in blue will get this message: “So he thumped the melon of a possible world leader…that’s no reason to get all pushy!”

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Anonymous said...

He is an expert on this type of thing...8 yrs ago at a presser in phx his wife was knocked unconcious by a betasmack batt...he was not so reserved then.