Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gentlemen ... Start Your Job Search!

By now even my Mom has seen the video of two TV station live trucks drag racing outside El Paso. But late as I am to the finish line, I came to compete - for what kind of self appointed pundit would I be if I didn’t jump all over such easy fodder? Don’t answer that; just know that I’m still a bit befuddled as to why two grown photogs would trade sound judgment for positive crowd response. Whatever the reason, a civilian with a cell phone caught it all on chip and before either news shooter could gas up his ride, a clip of their not so mad dash had gone viral. Welcome to 2008, gentlemen. Pick your nose at a stoplight for too long and you may end up on YouTube. Reenact that scene from Grease with two rolling billboards and you may very well get booked on Larry King.

Trouble is, the chiselers who own your chariot may not be abused, as one of the drivers in the aforementioned drag found out when his bosses walked him off the property, after seeing their mobile newsroom burn rubber at the local track. Amid the hoopla that surrounded the strangely unsatisfying clip is the fact that had this motorized showdown been staged by some Promotions Guru, it surely would have taken home the Emmy. Instead, a pair of photogs had some ‘splainin’ to do. While only one has to polish his escape tape, it’s a safe bet the other will be watched a whole lot closer whenever he pulls off the lot. Meanwhile, I’ll think twice before blowing past that school bus full of cellphone wielding hellions out on the interstate. Heck, I may even stop speeding in the breakdown lane!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was going to Vegas for NAB! I've been planning to plan a trip there for awhile now...mostly to visit my buddy who lives out there. I'll shop around for flight costs...but really...getting time off is the issue right now...not the money. I'll get back to you.

Duff said...

Looks like the left one's got a sat dish, that's gotta hurt the milliseconds.