Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Concert in the Roundabout

Dames Roundabout
Stream of Consciousness Week continues here at Viewfinder BLUES as I deprive myself of sleep in the name of morning television. I promise heartier fare soon, but with a wake-up call around quarter to four and two kids who insist on having their birthdays this week, it's all I can do to log on. Tell you what: I'll pour the cat's waterbowl over my head in an attempt to wake up if you'll settle for feigned lucidity for a little while. HEY LOOK - it's another picture of me and my fancycam! Who can't get enough of that? Hey, at least I thought to include Lisa Dames, Greensboro-based singer and all around Hot Mom. She and her able guitarist were kind enough to meet me and live truck at the McGee Street Roundabout for a little unplugged session by the traffic circle. Why, exactly? To celebrate my adopted hometown's Bicentennial, of course! Naw, I don't get it either - but at this stage in the week I'd point my camera at a rusty dumpster if I thought it would get me home on time. As for the talented Lisa Dames, she hit her mark, belted out a jump Blues ditty and even laughed at the cameraman's patter. You still can't get THAT on the internets...

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Lisa Dames said...

Thanks for calling me a "hot mom"!--Lisa