Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Zero and the Hero

Some stories are shot as an afterthought. Such was the case late last week, when seconds after arriving at Caldwell Academy, a family member called with some ... troubling news. I’ll skip the details for now, but let’s just say when Julie Luck pulled up a few minutes later, my head was somewhere else. Still, giddy school officials and a thoroughly charming story awaited us inside so I traded my woes for a tripod and trudged into the auditorium. Well, today I paid for that lack of focus. No sooner had I strolled into El Ocho than a script was thrust before me. Oh yeah -- that story ... the one I slept walk through last week. Ducking into the break room for fortification, I dragged my nabs to an edit bay and closed the door. A couple of hours later I emerged - eyes dilated, jaw slackened, tell-tale crumbs spilling down my shirt. I ... fixed it. I wouldn’t say I nailed it, but I did manage to assemble the good parts, strung together some ‘natural’ sound and spackled over the seams with perhaps too many dissolves. It won’t win me any trophies, but I’m guessing most viewers won’t be able to tell the cameraman wasn’t really paying attention.

I hope, anyway.

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EYE 4 iT said...

so I am not the only one that can lose focus on some shoots??? I am so relieved!!!