Monday, January 21, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Nick Curro

Nick Curro: Douchebag
In an early bid for Schmuck of the Year, the owner of an oil company in Maine has rammed a freakin' live truck. According to reports, Nick Curro was in the process of bilking his customers when those pesky news crews showed up. Before he knew it, logos and lenses bobbed on the horizon; pretty people turning their backs and talking bad about him. That caused Nick Curro to come undone, for he and an employee soon took to their trucks and began buzzing the news crews. Gravel flew and tape rolled as Curro and company repeatedly drove within inches of customers and cameras. Before anyone could throw a net around him, Veilleux Oil owner Nick Curro slammed his vehicle into a WGME live truck, the jumped out and went a little ... Lovitz. Anyway, the performance that followed wasn't very convincing but it's worth an eye roll on a Monday morning. Thankfully no one was hurt, but customers of Veilleux Oil are still with oil or the money they paid for it. As for Curro, he's facing several charges up there in Biddeford, Maine, where he remains a vile thespian and unrepentant SCHMUCK.


Anonymous said...

Prepaid my oil, lost my money...seeing Nick having melt down on TV ...PRICELESS...

Anonymous said...

What a loser

turdpolisher said...


Anonymous said...

I overpaid on a delivery in November (and I think I was tricked into that one) and it was supposed to be credited at my next delivery. I guess I won't be seeing that. Does this guy have any kids? If he does, doesn't he care what they think? He's a thief!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the people that is out money from this establishment as well, probably more than most people, but I think the constant witch-hunting by the news media isn't going to help the situation. Leave it to the authorities. As bad as this situation is, and as terrible as the things they have done are, these people are still human beings and this kind of taunting is going to drive these people nuts. Its like kicking a wounded dog. He's going to bite back. He will answer to the authorities, rest assured - so why do you have to constantly hound him. This isn't Holly wood and he isn't Britney Spears. Why don't you try praying for your enemies instead?

turdpolisher said...

Praying for your enemies is great. But what this scumbag did to the good folks of ther Great White North is news.

I can speak to what I saw in the report. The news crew had every right to report the story. They say they were parked across the street and had the land owners premission to do so. This jack-leg took it upon himself to drive off of his property to mow them down.

The crew did what it had to do to document the situation which then became part of the news story.

Don't blame the crew for putting this guy on TV acting like an ass in public.

Tonight I'll say a little prayer for the folks bilked out of their hard earned money, the crew that was molested just trying to do their job, and the assclown who started it all.

Unknown said...

"the constant witch-hunting by the news media isn't going to help the situation. Leave it to the authorities."

Unfortunately some situations will go ignored when left to be handled by the authorities alone. There are plenty of situations past and present where the authorities had the information and the evidence to act yet it's not until the media shines a light on the problem that the authorities decide it's a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Witch hunt? This guy was STEALING from people who didn't have money to lose. He has been living a life of extreme luxury at the expense of his victims. When confronted he lashed out like a child. He and his wife treat others around them like lower class people. They have literally stolen from the poor, many of which who are in their 80's and 90's, many who will shiver in the cold TONIGHT and many future nights while Curro and his family will have more heat in their garage than most of their victims homes.

This isn't a recent current event. Curro has been STEALING since he bought the oil companies. This isn't character assassination, it's vindication.

These are the facts. This is the tip of the iceberg from he and his clan.

Sleep tight tonight made your bed, now get in it.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think i've seen it all...a guy rams a live truck, then is defended by the very people he's stealing from. Awesome. Simply awesome.

Anonymous said...

Just want to refute what "Anonymous" says about Nick "and his wife" treating people around them like lower-class people. I have known Nick's wife since we were toddlers, and this statement couldn't be further from the truth. Nick's wife grew up wealthy; I didn't. But she never threw her family's wealth around our acted and never thought it made her better than anybody. If you have a comment about the oil company--fine--but leave Nick's family out of it.

Chris said...

Look. Clearly his hitting the truck was an accident. Didn't you hear what he said when he got out of the truck? He was shocked and sorrowful. Give the schmuck a break. Schmucks are people too... stupid, jackass versions of people, but people nonetheless. Now if you're covering Britney Spears, then we can talk about it...

Anonymous said...

I'm not defending him or his actions. I hope justice serves here. I think it makes sense and is morally and ethically responsible for the media to bring to light a situation such as this. The part that I don't think is right is the constant hounding of people by the media. It isn't going to make any positive difference in their behavior.

Suellen said...

Okay ~ yes he did a crappy thing. I have to agree that constant hounding by the press isn't helping the situation. Reporting the news is one thing, going there and hanging around and mudslinging all day long is quite another. Having them constantly around IS enough to drive someone insane. Clearly his actions were out there and unusual. Let's agree those are the actions of one that is no longer 100% themselves.

Sadly Nick does have kids and it is them I am sad for. He will obviously be serving some time for some ill advised actions that IMO are out of character for the Curro brothers. I also feel badly for those that gave money in good faith and CAN'T afford to go somewhere else for oil now. It is really a lose~lose situation.

Stay tuned ~ I am sure there are details about this that have yet to come to light.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know the family personaly and for many years know. This situation just makes me sick inside. I see their business growing, their getting more delivery trucks, more employees and I am happy for them.
One morning on my way to work I see Nick driving a brand new black Corvette, and again I'm happy things are going good for them. Then just before all of this he told me things were tough and he had to use $400,000 of his own money to keep his business going. I was in shock, considering all that I have seen. Then all of it came out in the open and thats when I questioned him using his own money, dosen't he mean all of his customers money!
This is almost as bad as taking away someones retirement, lots of people sacrifice to pay for heat, its sick that sacrifice was for a black Corvette and God knows what else.

This is the worst anyone could do to someone else, I hope it was all worth it!

Anonymous said...

If it your were not for the news Biddeford PD wouldn't have known about this for quite some time. Nick Curro is a scumbaag and deserves to pay for what he has done. I feel for his family as I belive that they had nothing to with it, but the good people of maine who are out hundreds of dollars (up to 2,500 for some people) need there money back. One of his new "toys" could easily pay some fo them back.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Nick Curro personally but I did do business with him when he first bought out Veilleux. He pulled some crap then and I dropped him after one delivery, it was trivial then but looking back my first impression was correct.

The buzz around town for years was he was a scumbag, cheats on his wife, finances drug deals, extorts money, hires prostitutes ect. I always kind of brushed it off as sour grapes but now who knows.

Why is it that people like him who have everything feel they need to take more? Was he brought up that way? Is he mentally handicapped?

Anonymous said...

Nick Curro, going down...about time. This guy has been up to no good for years.

I feel so horrible for those who lost money, and for his wife and kid(s?). They deserved better than their husband and father being a darn thief.

I agree with the other poster who said to sell his toys to pay back his customers. That black Vette would get a pretty penny, eh?

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight about Nick's so-called toys and luxurious lifestyle: yeah, he has a gorgeous house and a nice Escalade. But anyone who has lived in Biddeford for years can tell you that those things really aren't Nick's. He married way up. That beautiful house--it was his in-law's home, which was left to his wife after her parents passed away. Oh, the Escalade--that would be hers too. Again, the stuff going on with Veilleux is horrible, and I feel bad for all the customers, but leave Nick's family out of it.

Anonymous said...

It may be all of lisa's "stuff" and all her money but the bottom line is they are married. The last time I checked if you are found guilty of criminal charges and there is substantial fines, restitution, lawyer fees etc than the creditors and authorities can go after her cake regardless of whether or not it's in a trust or whatever it's origin.

I feel bad for her, I really do, and I suspect he has swindled her as well as his customers whether it be the paving customers or the fuel customers. The problem is they are married and bankruptcy will only protect their assets up until he is prosecuted on criminal charges and then her money becomes a naked asset.

If the IRS gets involved do you think they will care what stuff is hers and what is his? I don't. I heard the feds are on him for ripping off oil programs to boot. Do you think they will car who's is what at the curro household?

This guy is a real life villain that has been embolden by her money, he is a sneak x 10 with no morals (or brains for that matter). The community will be better off with him incarcerated the sooner the better. Unfortunately she has been his enabler so it's difficult to leave her out of the equation.

Stay warm.....

Anonymous said...

Listen, I'm not saying anything about what the IRS will do or what will happen if criminal charges are filed, and so on...I'm merely refuting what's been suggested here and elsewhere, which is that Nick ripped off his customers in order to live a life of "extreme luxury." Just saying that Nick has certain luxuries because he married into them,that's all. And "extreme luxury" is more than a bit of an overstatement.

Anonymous said...

"Extreme luxury" for his customers would be being able to turn up their thermostats and using the heating oil they already paid for not having to rebuy it from another company.
If his wife is flipping the bill for all his luxuries then where did all that money go?

There will never be an excuse for what he did, he stole from people who counted on him to supply them with heating fuel.
The worst of it he continued to take their money after he had no oil to deliver.
All those people wanted the luxury of having their heating oil paid for, but I guess Nicks luxurys were more important.

Anonymous said...

They all sound like scumbags to me, as do the scumbags defending them.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I haven't defended Nick or his oil companies. I think it's horrible that people did not receive the oil they paid for in advance. They have every right to be pissed off, and I would be too. I don't know where the money went--that's what investigations are for, are they not? And no matter where the money went, it still doesn't make the situation right for Veilleux's customers. But the last time I checked, waiting for all the facts to come out before making a final judgment doesn't make someone a scumbag. It means that someone is prudent and not prone to jumping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

For those not in Maine, there's little up here of substance to report on. So when something happens, the media's all over it like a hound. A storm with a 3" snowfall comes, and one station's promoting it as a 6" fall while another's saying 11" and other's saying 4", all the while all of them are telling us to stay indoors and off the roads.

There's a hounding atmosphere up here when a news event happens, and every news agency is flooding the airways trying to convince the public that they're so much better than their competitors - but nobody stands above.

This has been a media frenzy. Unfortunately, Nick is caught in a contract matter that's being forced by out of state interests that are probably trying to take over his business. Massachusetts businesses see investment interests in Maine and industries can be very competitive.

A friend was recently told that Nic's NET 30 terms with his out of state supplier was changed from 30 days to NET 10 (10 days). There's no way Nick can buy oil, deliver it to his customers, GET PAID, then turn around and pay his supplier to get oil delivered again. 10 day cycles JUST DON'T WORK in this industry. They're trying to drive him out of business. That's why he had to use some of his own money.

Now I have NO explanation why he didn't secure the funds that were pre-paid, aside from speculating on the worst. That's ultimately what's going to get Nick in trouble.

What Nick did:

Lost $950 of my money.

Lost $650 of my mother's money.

What you guys are doing:


Anonymous said...

It sure is hard to tell someone to "wait for all the facts" after they just gave this jack-a** all the money to supply them with heating fuel for the season, and now they are sitting in the cold wondering how they are going to come up with more money to buy more heating fuel because the company they gave $1500.00 to is having a tough time and they should be understanding until all the "facts" are in order.
Get real, the only fact is, and we don't need the AG, the Federal Goverment to tell us is that these people got screwed!
They paid, and got nothing. Its not like Nick will all of a sudden find "the missing money" and send his trucks out ASAP. Get real.
I want everyone to turn their heat off for an hour a think for a moment, are the "facts" going to make a bit of difference to the people without heat.
Its easy to sit in your warm home, have your warm tea and write about a situation that you know nothing of, waiting all warm in your chair for channel 13 to deliever the "FACTS"
The facts is some people are in a cold home after they paid for their heating fuel, the fact is they made a wrong choice when they bought it from Nick, and the fact is they are cold now and without heat regardless of the fact Nick cheated them or not.
So sleep in your warm home tonight and don't worry yourself about the people that have no heat cause the "facts" will be out soon enough, sometimes this summer!

Anonymous said...


I saw you at the Veilleux facility when I went for the meeting he didn't show for (I'm a customer who's out lots of cash).

Reading your sarcasm here makes me wonder what's the real motivation behind Fox's newscasts.

Professionalism doesn't appear to be key in your job. I work with military professionals every day who show less enthusiasm for raking someone over the coals for a "good story".

Anonymous said...

Lots of local oil companies get their oil in Portland not out of state, if Nick was having a hard time out of state then he should have seeked elsewhere, he should of looked out for his customers.
Besides 30 days down to 10 days, even 2 days it don't matter, he was already paid the money!
I'm not saying it was a scam, it was a result of poor managment. He should have stopped selling contracts after he had no oil to sell them.
I'm glad its petty to you and your mommy, now grow up and realize its not to people who spent more than you and your mommy.
Besides not everyone gets an allowence like you!

Anonymous said...

Hey I got a "good story" for you!

How about a man who works with military professionals all day and stalks Fox newscasters after he loses a lot of cash on heating fuel.

Anonymous said...

No thanks to Nick Curro but i think it is getting hot in here.

Anonymous said...

Yah, wanna know the strange part about this.... The State had prior knowledge weeks in advance that the company needed help. They turned their back to the nearly 5K customers of the three companies and let him continue to do business. You don't hear that being talked about do you!

Yes, I did hear that supplier(s) changed their terms and also heard that some supplier(s) changed his contract prices after the contracts were already signed. Do you think the investigation will go that deep?

I really think the real story will never be told because some very powerful forces will never allow it. Many wanted him out of business years ago. He recieved death threats both his and his family's lives. This was long before any of this all came about. You dont hear that either!

I do feel extremely bad for those who will now strugle to maintain a warm house. But I truely feel this was a designed failure by people other than Nick!


Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about twisting around my comments and taking them out of context.

I do think that what happened to Veilleux's customers is inexcusable, and I don't think any of the facts or the findings of the investigation changes that. The situation is inexcusable regardless of intent. If I prepaid my oil and didn't receive it, I'd be screwed, so yes, I feel for everyone in that situation. Nothing that comes out of the investigation will change my feelings about that.

Gee, I think that means we agree on something (whoa, that can't be possible, can it???).

But I refuse to condemn Nick's entire family--and apparently, judging from your comments, any acquaintance past or present--unless the findings of the investigation (not the facts as portrayed by the news media, but the actual findings of the investigation) give me reason to do so.

So to summarize, just in case you still feel the need to misinterpret my comments, I AGREE WITH YOU that the situation with Nick's customers is inexcusable no matter which way you cut it. But I'm going to wait for the rest of the story before I go around assigning guilt-by-association.

And there's really no need to get all over my case--you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm entitled to mine. We're clearly going to disagree forever, so let's just leave it at that. You can say whatever you want to about it, but that's the last I'm saying about it.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that when I saw the news segments where Nick backed into the truck, it looked to me like the media was a little too close. It appeared an accident, and that he was extremely apologetic for it. If there was more to the story, the media should have aired it. That's their mistake.

So to the guy who wanted everyone to turn down their temperatures - how cold was your house? Or is that just more Bill and Hillary Clinton, liberal media tear jerking for attention?

I'll wait until I hear the story in the courts. I'm aware that Nick had gone to the Attorney General before the story broke. He was working with them seeking help with his contract issues. I'm sure that will be brought out in the hearings.

I noticed that WMTW made more of an issue with this story than WGME did. Now I see why. The zookeeper hasn't thrown them a good bone in a while.

Anonymous said...

My house was warm, thanks for asking. The comment was not for attention it was just a way for some people out their to understand the situation a little more.
Some low income and elderly are living this situation right now, all because the money given to assist these people from the Federal Goverment had fallen in the wrong hands. Its gone.
The news can report what it wants it always has, but what is true is hearing these peoples situation personaly. I will agree, Nick hitting that truck was just a product of the media pushing someone to far without any facts just a bunch statements.
Sorry to all for being harsh earlier, just feeling bad for the situation.
I will ask everyone to help out if you haven't already with this situation, their are local donations, some of these people really need some help.

Anonymous said...

Companies change contract terms from 30 to 10 days when the purchaser, in this case Curro, has a history of not paying the supplier according to the agreed upon terms. This only happens when this has been going on for an extended period of time.

Clearly, Curro has made some very bad business decisions and is now going to pay the price as anyone else would too.

If Curro had been up front with his customers in the first place, maybe they would have been sympathetic to his situation. Instead of being up front, he would lie to his customers and tell them he would deliver the oil on day X and then never show up. He left them no choice, but to go to the AG and news media for help.

The only time he did deliver oil in the last 4 months, the delivery slips no longer had the print out from the meter on the oil truck that supposed to imprint the gallons delivered. Seems very suspicious to me since every other slip in the past was imprinted with this information. So there is actually NO way you can tell if he even delivered ANY oil.

By the way, the one delivery he made since last October was for 50 gallons of oil without the imprint. Not even enough to make the gauge on the tank move much. It didn't, I suspect we didn't even get the full 50 gallons of oil.

If it looks like a duck and walks like duck and lies like a jerk. It's Nick Curro, screwing people over. Sounds like a perfect definition of scum to me.

Oh by the way, he is now threatening revenge on the people who went to AG (all 120+ people)and newspapers to get help because --> HE WAS NOT DELIVERING OIL IN ThE MIDDLE OF THE WINTER <-- Obviouly we should feel really sorry for him.

Don't defend this low life to anyone, you should be ashamed!! You need to get all the facts, not just the ones provided from his side of the story...

Anonymous said...

One more thing...

It seems like Curro has plenty of his own personal money to donate thousands of dollars to democratic candidates but not bu more oil. It can easily be looked up and verified!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no doubt he hasn't lived up to his end of our contract. But you started this thread by calling him a Schmuck and a scumbag without having all the facts.

Here's a fact you haven't cited. I have my oil delivery receipt right in front of me from three weeks ago. It's for only 50 Gallons, yes. BUT IT IS IMPRINTED, although you cite otherwise. And frankly, in the records that the AG seized, they will have a much fuller picture than what you're propogating with your gossip.

You could well be right about this guy. But being a representative of your news agency online, you should be taking a less biased approach. It frankly surprises the hell out of me that FOX/WMTW would allow you to discuss business related matters so publicly, given your lack of professional online demeanor.

Anonymous said...

The quality of a man's character is best determined by his actions when times are tough!

Watch this video.

You still want to defend this guy?

Obviously he has NO character.

Never said your receipt wasn't imprinted, but I have one that is not imprinted. That's the fact.

Anonymous said...

For others who are reading this and have to order oil from an alternative dealer, BEWARE Curro has 3 oil companies!

Price-Rite Fuel, Inc.
Veilleux Oil And Service, Inc.
Perron Fuel, Inc.

He also has at least one paving companies.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the story. And now I've seen it again. I've heard all of the complaints from the news reports, and from customers as well.

I'm not willing to stand by and judge. Nor should you be. That's for a court to decide.

Again, you're a news photographer. You shouldn't be promoting bias as a representative of your companies. It looks bad for your news agencies. Even the police aren't publicly slandering the guy.

Yes, I feel bad for the people who need the oil. I was at less than 1/8 of a tank myself until this past week, so I know their predicament. Nobody can afford this, but especially the low income, elderly, and home bound.

Get off your high horse. The law says he's entitled to a trial by jury. I'm willing to give him that.

10-8 and 10-10!

Lenslinger said...

Just a little clarification. I, the author of this blog, was NOT on scene when Mr. Curro rammed the live truck. In fact, I've never even been to Maine (though I hear it's lovely). Neither have I taken part in any of these comments (until now). The anonymous commenters have been very entertaining and you're encouraged to continue, just don't mistake these (un)heated blatherings for those of mine. the arteest currently known as Lenslinger.

My interest in this case, MY ONLY INTEREST centers on Curro's attacking the media, not to mention his Oscar worthy pleas of innocence. Beyond that, I could give a flip about the core issue (though I do think it's wrong to cheat people out of their hard earned money). I certainly don't know enough about the case to comment other than to chide Curro for trying to kill the messenger.

It's really quite this simple: In the year 2008 when you endanger the lives of media members, you can rest assured someone's gonna talk shit about you on-line. That's what is happening here, nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps Nick Curro could have avoided all this by holding off on the Mad Max behavior. I certainly wouldn't have issued my little Schmuck Alert had he not put at risk broadcast colleagues I've admittedly never met.

Now, please - do continue...

Anonymous said...

You offered...

Since your interest is in looking out for media interests, it would be wise to get the story straight. Don't know how you can get the whole picture from just watching that video. I frankly don't see any mad max behavior in any of the video broadcasts to date. But as I've stated, the local stations had an opportunity to air that, and didn't. I've only heard of that through the rumor mill.

From the local news reports, I don't know how the AGs office can determine foul play given what's been aired to date. If there's more, again, they should (and I assume would have already) show it to the public.

I apologize for the confusion with respect to your identity.

Anonymous said...

"Get off your high horse" Anonymous -

It is you who needs to get your facts straight. It is a fact that there were several people outside Curro's oil dealership when the incident happened. While they were outside protesting, he and one of his employees kept buzzing past the protestors and the news crew in vehicles to intimidate them. It was very obvious to anyone who was there that his behavior was intentional.

I tried to keep this from getting personal, but you started...

It is not judging someone when the facts are staring you in the face. You are very naive indeed. When someone is hitting you over the head with a bat, do you think you have to wait to go to court to know he is doing it.

I have an oil dealership, can you send me some money too? I promise to deliver some oil.

Your ignorance and intellect are clearly on display. Do you know what anonymous means?

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that, the facts at hand are there, he got money, people got no oil. Now its up court to conclude this after a proper investigation. If there was no wrong doing then we would't be here typing.

Oh and for who said that clip was not aired, it was all last weekend.
I think his actions were wrong but was just a result of the media getting under his skin, it could happen to anyone.

Anonymous said...

More to the point, I wouldn't have been typing if Lenslinger hadn't called him a Schmuck and a scumbag.


Anonymous said...

Nick was wrong for hitting a news van, someone could have been hurt badly, hence the Schmuck comment.
Nick took peoples money, promised them heating fuel, they got none, he had no money to pay his supplier so therefore the word scumbag was used.
It got everyones attention and we all started typing for or against him. I hope that better explains my point.

Anonymous said...

So many of us are posting as "anonymous" that people are clearly confused as to who is posting what. It's entertaining to read comments that I think might be directed at me for comments that I didn't even leave...

Anonymous said...

ok how do I start...
I wish ALL of you would give Nick a break a bit. I know in the end he has done wrong to his customers, but do you really think he did this on purpose??? Think of the situation that he is in. No one would ever do this on purpose. I'm not sure where the money went but I do know that he does not have it. Come on people.

I will not tell you my name but I have worked for Nick for the last five years. Yes that means I have worked for him before he ever had an oil company and all through that time he has never set out to harm anyone in fact he has tried to help numerous people.

I hear all of you say "the facts, the fact", but NONE of you have any of them. I was on site for the news van incident, I was the guy bringing you 50 gallons of fuel in the middle of the night, I was the guy there when the police came and served a search warrant and shut us down, so I HAVE THE FACTS.
Those 50 gallon deliveries we brought you at all hours of the night... Do you think we (Nick included) wanted to be out there at midnight delivering fuel? The fact is that we were doing ever thing in our power to try and get people some fuel so they would be warm. I do agree with all of you that we should have had the fuel prior to that but we didn't, so we did what we could at the time. We were asking other local companies for help, we asked the AG weeks prior to all this for help and some companies came to help but for the most part no one cared because it wasn't them in this situation.

By the way there wasn't a single person outside the oil company when the news van thing happened as previously stated(unless you are talking about me) and there wasn't anybody protesting either.

But in the end think about what he is going through, before you hang him. It could have been you that made a bad business decision

Anonymous said...

Dear "I Was There"-

I too am privy to inside information going back for some time now. Dont make Nick out to be the victim here.

Answer this question- Why did he not secure the proper oil contracts with the money he received when he was required to do so by law?

I've heard his "the big boys wanted to put us out of business" bullshit line.

Nick is a rotten business man cut and dry. He should have never been allowed to operate any business based on his criminal past.

If you in fact were delivering oil for him as an empoloyee I would be very concerned. When he is being interrogated for any wrong doing (which he will be) he will be pointing the finger at anyone and everyone demonstrated by his comments over the last few weeks.

The big boys are trying to drive me out.

The news reporters were picking on me.

The price of oil went against me.

The police didnt give me enough time to work through the problems.

These are all remarks generated from his mouth (I'm paraphrasing of coarse). It's just a matter of time before he blames his help and his customers for his problems. Although, you being so close to him I'm sure you have already heard him say just didn't you?

Now think about it, have you ever put water into an oil tank in retaliation?

Did you ever short a customer oil?

Did you ever break any laws or rules for nick. You don't need to be honest in your answer(s) to us, only you and he know the truth to these questions, that is until he is being interrogated.

Sleep tight.

Suellen said...

Anonymous said...

WoW for a bunch of people with such strong opinions you all sure are shy about saying who you actually are!

So here's the deal ~ I am NOT an employee, customer or friend of the Curro brothers (huh? brotherS?) Yes there are two of them.... but you all seem to be SO focused on Nick. But that isn't my point. My point is while not a 'friend' of either of the brothers I have known them for many years. There is no defending the fact that there are people without oil and money and THEY made that happen.

I am curious though ~ those of you making him out to be a complete villian ~ do you, in FACT, believe that he set out to screw over the community? Do you really picture him behind his desk, pinky to mouth (picture Mike Meyers here) saying "Let's take their money, and just not deliver oil!"

Come on now. I think everyone can agree that SOMETHING happened, something here went terribly wrong. I can't vouch for the fact that Nick was always a good guy (I watched him unprokedly punch someone in the face) so I am FAR from defending his character BUT I just don't think anyone would think the cops wouldn't be showing up at their door if they pulled something like this! Nevermind the FEDS and the IRS.

And just for the record ~ there is a LOT of help currently available to those who lost money here.

If you are out money and can't get oil call the City of Biddeford. St. Andre's Parish is also currently holding fundraiser to help those in need.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we have a brother in the mix here...there is no excuse for this action. When you take cash from people in the summer you are supposed to do something with it (like hedge the prices) If he didn't he should have never offered pre-paid to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Oooohh the poor Curro brothers... They managed to bankrupt 3 oil companies at once. I know it couldn't have been their fault. I imagine they never took one payment from a new customer when they knew bankruptcy was inevitable.

I feel so sorry for people who have threatened elderly men and women and kicked them out of their business establishment when they come asking for explanations.

Delivering oil at midnight... It's hard to imagine since I got one oil delvery in 2-1/2 months, 50 gals. The customer base must have been huge in order for it to take round the clock deliveries to get to us all once every 75 days.

As far as I know, the help for those of us who got screwed is entirely needs based. So since many of us aren't bankrupt or living on a fixed income..., well we just get screwed.

Maybe Nick can sell his new Corvette or take his democratic political contributions that are being sent back and let us all share in the proceeds.

I suppose once he/they are sent to jail, they'll get the shaft like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

As for the "employee" who said that ther was no one else on the premises when Nick rammed the TV crew's truck, just another bold faced lie.

Here's a quote directl from the TV stations website,

"We've also learned, that after watching our video of the incident last week, Biddeford Police could be charging Curro's brother, Billy for allegedly trying to run his owner customers off the road."

No, I guess no one was buzzing by customers trying to intimidate them. Now we have the "employee" lying for them.

Ricky Bobby said...

Were all having a good time with this aren't we.
My opinion for whatever its worth is Nick and Billy Curro started this business with taking care of their customers in mind, they then grew even bigger by buying other oil companies. It grew to fast and somewheres they got caught up in a siituation they couldn't get out of.

Beware of the media, they only report the bad stuff that we all want to hear. They also push people to their limits and make so called news out of their actions. What started all this was a woman had called channel 13 "On your side" and reported that she had a contract and they were not delivering, and she could not sleep at night because she was afraid she was going to run out of oil. Go to click on "On your side" and watch Veilleux Oil Ripoff. They show the woman at her oil tank, the gauge reads half full! She said she couldn't sleep at night cause she thought she was going to run out!? She had half a tank!
The media is making them look worse than they are.

I should call channel 13 about my oil company I have less than half a tank.

I have a thought for you all..
Out of all the people who said they go screwed, that paid a contract and got no oil and had empty tanks, why would channel 13 decide to do a report on a woman with half a tank?
120+ complaints and a video of 1 pissed off customer with half a tank? Come on are we that nieve.

My answer is they did deliever, they wouldn't fill the tanks but would deliver the amount of 50 gallons at a time to keep people happy or so they thought. People complained and wanted their tanks full, no one paid for full tanks, just a set amount of gallons for the season.

It only takes one to complain about a half tank and all the rest start to panic.

Poor management was most likely the cause, its out our hands now and up the AG, Biddeford Police, Federal Goverment and good old WGME 13 to decide what happens with the Curro Brothers.

Do me this one favor, don't drag people through the mud before you get all the facts, if your upset make sure you have good reason, not that you have half a tank and can't sleep at night in a warm house.

Thank you all and may eveyone "truley" effected by all this get the help they deserve to keep warm.


Anonymous said...

A call from one woman didn't start this. Just the week before she filed her complaint, I had called on three consecutive days to get delivery because I was below 1/8 of a tank (and never should have been that low to begin with). I still didn't get a delivery on the day I reached Veilleux. They delivered the following day - 50 Gallons for a 275 gallon tank.

I never saw my gauge go up above 1/2 tank.

It was only after others started complaining that I felt it was necessary to become involved. Frankly, I don't see how this man can stay in business taking money but not securing the funds or the oil in advance.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, even at this point if Veilleux could deliver the oil I contracted at, I'm not sure I want them touching my tank given the recent news. I just want my money back

Anonymous said...

Another unreported issue in this story pertains to the service that Veilleux has been performing on people's heating equipment over the past year. I've heard of cardboard being placed in fuel lines where real filters should have been installed.

Unfortunately this isn't immediately visible to customers, so it's not being verbalized.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Bobby,

Your comment, "What started all this was a woman had called channel 13 "On your side" and reported that she had a contract...", is absolutely foolish.

What started it all was poor business decisions by the Curros. They obviously weren't able to pay their oil suppliers, which is why their terms of payment changed and they were unable to purchase the oil they needed for their customers.

Customers, myself included, became concerned when we didn't get an oil deliver in over 2 months and when we did, it was 50 gallons. Since my tank is inside my cellar, how could the delivery guy possibly know how much oil I needed and how long 50 gallons would last? I called three times and was promised oil on a specific day and it never materialized. No call, no explanation. Who wouldn't be suspicious of behavior like this, escpecially when the owners were not forthright in informing their customers their problems. Instead of attacking customers who questioned what was going on, they should have tried to make them sympathetic to their situation. Another bad business decision.

Even if the woman who did contact channel 13 to start with hadn't contacted them, it would just have been just a matter of time before myself or someone else would have.

Other oil dealers and the AG aren't in the business of bailing out companies because they can't afford to purchase the goods they need to operate. Would you give money/oil to a company that is so far in debt? Their suppliers have said they were behind 100's of thousands of dollars.

All the info will come out soon enough. The current info is overwhelmingly against the brothers. I couple that info with my own experiences and tend to believe most of the info being reported. Not a stretch by any means, just a logical conclusion.

Ricky Bobby said...

Look people, I wasn't defending him, I wasn't saying he ran a great business, I just wanted to point out that the media cast a very dark cloud over someone with their reports and headlines.
They were saying they left people in the cold with no heat, and all I'm hearing and reading is that people almost ran out of oil and had to call them to get more. How many people actually ran out of oil and were left in the cold, I'm just curious. Yes that woman didn't start it, she just started the media frenzy with a half a tank of fuel in her basement, why didn't the person with an 1/8th of a tank complain to channel 13. Most likley they didn't have time they were to busy trying to get more of their paid heating oil deliverd to their home before they ran out, not lying in bed at night worrying that their gonna burn a half a tank overnight. The media took her story and inflated it, I bet some of you wish you had a half a tank at that time not an 1/8th.
Getting 50 gallons delivered after a few phone calls is not enough I will agree but he was still delivering. Its unfoutunate but the contracts everyone signed didn't say they always had to provide a full tank everytime.
Yes I would feel the same as everyone I fired up with my last posting, (and probley this one to) it looks bad for them after you just spent all that money, and no one is their to fill your tank and all you get is a automated phone message when you call.
Does anyone feel that Nick and Billy would still be here, if they were out to just take your money and rip you off. People that do that leave, they disappear, they don't stick around to take the punchs from the media and public,(their off spending your money) and they sure don't go the AG weeks before all this came out looking for a way to take care of their commitments. They are still their and I hear people are getting deliveres still, not full tanks but something.
I guess if it was me and I had a contract with them and based on the shortage of oil they had I would want people less fortunate to get the full tanks.
Again poor management was the cause, not two crooks who just wanted to screw everyone.
Customers that got oil and didn't pay them totals over a million dollars in heating oil, funny thing is Nick didn't cry to channel 13 and say harsh things about them. Maybe you should be upset with the ones who screwed Nick out of that money I'm sure some of it was yours.
IRVING has an add that will rescue all people involved. You call them up and they are giving a one time discount of 20 cents off a gallon to Vellieux customers, the only problem is thats 20 cents off the their price of $3.36 a gallon.
The average price now is $2.98 a gallon. Not much help there.
I don't see how any of that is legal or fair, their just taken advantage of the current situation.
I really feel for the people who are truly in need, I donated a check to St. Andres today which the amount would equal about a half a tank for someone. It made me feel better knowing I could possibly help someone that was in real need. Its nice to be a part of a community where people do really help out, the woman I saw their today said that people had been very generous. Its nice to know your town is their for you when you need it to be.
This is a bad time to have to buy oil twice and I hope that the donations are going to the right places.
Sorry for upsetting you all but this is just my opinion and it shouldn't really matter. What should matter is that all of you get what is owed to you and that each investigation gets done properly and if they find that crimes had been committed then the proper punishment be granted.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Bobby,

You are as stupid as your character is in Talladega Nights.

Talk about jumping to conclusions...

So the video of the woman who supposedly "started" all this mess showed 1/2 tank of oil. Do you think there is a possibility that maybe she had to get oil delivered from some other company because she couldn't get it from the Curros? I suppose you think the channel 13 dropped everything as soon as she called and rushed to her house that very hour. With a little inference, do you suppose maybe she couldn't sleep at night because she was worried about not getting ANY oil delivered by the Curros at some point in the future? Maybe she can't afford to pay for it twice. None of the aid that is available now was there until her story was told and 100+ other people backed her up.

If the truth casts a dark cloud, then so be it. Just because the Curros stayed at their business trying to keep it running, doesn't mean they aren't crooks either. I imagine even crooks like to keep their businesses from going under. Not a very intelligent logical conclusion on your part! -- Is running into the TV truck considered taking punches? Is kicking 80 year old couples (inquiring about their oil delivery) off the premises considered taking punches?

Again, How would I/anyone know he was still delivering oil when he didn't deliver when scheduled (3 times) and never bothered to call or explain. Why would anyone trust them after 3 times of failing to deliver?

Again, how would you/he know if I was running out of oil? The delivery person has no access to the fuel guage. I am not the only one who has their tanks where the delivery person cannot see the gauge.

How do you/he know I would not have run out of oil if I had not had it delivered from another company?

PLEASE point out the hyperbole in any of the news medias' reports!!!

Candy Gobeil said...

To Ricky Bobby: That woman on News Channel 13 is my mother. The more I read your comments the more infuriated I become. Do you realize that speaking on a matter you, very obviously, know little about, creates MORE prejudice. My Mother, Beverly Gobeil, was NOT on 1/2 a tank even 10 minutes before the channel 13 crew arrived. For 5 days she was on 1/8 of a tank and EVERY day she was calling Nick to get oil. You truly need to start paying attention to what you are seeing and hearing and not generating a story conceived of your own intent. My mom may have started what you keep affectionately calling a "media frenzy" but had it not been for her starting this "media frenzy"many people would not have known about what was going on. There is something to be said for public awareness. I commend my mom and my aunt for standing up and being heard. I commend anyone else who stood up and said "hear me!!!"

I am saddened by your attempts to make my mother look a fool, because it is you that is foolish.

Nicki has created his own shit storm it is now up to him to weather it. If he had been running a legit business then none of this would have happened. Do you see that?

Anonymous said...

To Ricky Bobby,

"Its unfoutunate but the contracts everyone signed didn't say they always had to provide a full tank everytime."


Anonymous said...

Ricky Bobby is Nick Curros mother.

Ricky Bobby said...

Sorry Candy, was not my intent, I didn't mean that your mother was the cause of all this, she spoke up and that was awesome, she brought needed attention to the situation, I just didn't understand the medias decision to put your mothers half a tank gauge on television when others had a lot less, this was all directed towards the media and not your mother. Honestly, sorry to have upset you and your mother.
I AGREE people should be upset with an almost empty tank after they paid for oil, I AGREE Nick and Billy did a horrible job in the way they handled and conducted business when they were in jepordy, I AGREE 50 gallons is not enough oil, I DON'T AGREE with people shitting on someone when they know nothing of their situation its all gossip until the courts hear what was found after the investigation.
We are all intitled to our opinion, but lets not go as far as calling people names, none of what I said was to say that Nick was right and you are all wrong.
I care about the situation, thats why I donated money, I wanted to help out.
Cal, I wouldn't judge you by what you wrote, or call you "stupid" its upsetting that this is what I get for throwing some thoughts out there for people to think about, I'm not asking people to agree with me, I will ask that people save the name calling for recess.

Again I will close this with I hope nothing more than for the people in need be taken care of are able to stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Bobby,

You can't seem to post one comment without saying something stupid. Every post you have, I can point to one thing or another.

Ricky Bobby's Last Post: "...I DON'T AGREE with people shitting on someone when they know nothing of their situation its all gossip until the courts hear what was found after the investigation."

Are you kidding me! Just go and read the facts. I suppose the AG just shut down the Curros' failing businesses based on rumor.

You have accused Bev Gobeil of starting this "media frenzy" based on the assumption of what YOU saw on the "media frenzy" news video. Guess you weren't correct on that either! You assume more than most of the other commentors.

Ricky Bobby's Previous Post: "They are still their and I hear people are getting deliveres still, not full tanks but something." ...Ahh, wrong again, they have been shutdown by the AG.

Ricky Bobby's Previous Post: "...if they were out to just take your money and rip you off. People that do that leave, they disappear..." Duhh, crooks wouldn't try to save their own ass... (Sarcasm, in case you can't tell)

Ricky Bobby's Previous Post: "Its unfoutunate but the contracts everyone signed didn't say they always had to provide a full tank everytime." Only a complete ass or a Curro family member or a Curro employee would post such a stupid remark! I agree with anonymous - BUFFOON!

I'll ask again. PLEASE, I beg you, show me a news report that has exagerated, lied, "frenzied" or misrepresented the known facts!

These blogs don't count. For example most of your posts have not been very factual themselves. You keep blaming the victims when there is already plenty of facts that led the AG into shutting the Curros businesses down.

Why don't you come clean on who you really are Ricky Bobby. We know that's not your real name!

Your buddy Cal Naughton, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Man. Don't Biddeford people LOVE to screw each other over. The sentiment here reminds me of the attitudes people show coming off the Turnpike exit in the afternoon - "Screw you! I'm plowing through!! No Blinker Needed!!!"

Grow up! We got the shaft. Get over it, file disputes with your credit card companies if you can, file your losses on your tax form, and help out those in need.

Just don't trust Nick Curro and associates with your money ever again.

Anonymous said...

The previously posted WGME segment doesn't show Veilleux Oil employees driving agressively. There IS another news agency that's aired better video. Fox news's link is:;jsessionid=997D37A1D7910BE53B0D41F6F90C5BE7?contentId=5530665&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

Ricky Bobby said...

Cal, I really can't believe you wasted a lunch break to respond to what is my opinion! Is calling me names and analizing everything I post really worth it. I really don't care if you agree with me, I don't agree with you, but I would never insult you.
I don't know why knowing who I am would make you feel better, it dosen't matter. I don't care who you are, its not that important me.
What is important to me is you seek counciling (if your not already) for whatever it is that makes you feel you always need to be right, you could work on the name calling to, not very adult like. (besides its easier for you to insult people you don't know)
Like I said, I have no facts, neither do you except for people have lost lots of money.
The AG, Biddeford Police, and the Feds are conducting the investigation Cal, not you and me.
So until all the charges are made, you and I are talking out of our ass, because what we hear is mostly twisted gossip. They have all the info where all the oil money went. Neither one of us do so let's end this now.

Candy and Beverly, again I am sorry for upsetting you both, I was wrong for saying you had half a tank only to find out Curro's had just delivered you oil, which brought your tank up to a half. The news didn't mention that and (this ones for you Cal!) I assumed you that you had a half a tank all along.

Sorry to everyone I upset, I hope assistance is there to all that need it except for Cal, he could have worked through his lunch break and got overtime to help buy oil, but instead he chose to insult someone that he dosen't even know. Be proud!

Anonymous said...

It looked like WGME 13 was filming the start of the La Kermesse parade.
I was upset because I thought I missed the block party and fireworks.
Plenty of fireworks here though.

Anonymous said...

Cal I don't agree with Ricky on everything or whoever you both are, but I will say I agree with him on this is just a place for peoples opinions and they shouldn't be shot down, and insulted by people like you.

You ask his identity what about yours.
In my opinion your both cowards

Anonymous said...

People in Southern Maine are turning heat off to preserve oil, and on this group you're sitting around acting high and mighty.

Well, I never heard...

Just don't cut me off at the turnpike booth.

Anonymous said...

People preserving oil, acting high and mighty, you getting cut off at tollbooth, not making any connections here.

You lost me.

Anonymous said...

And I should be surprised?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of filing a lien on Curro's property.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Bobby and Bob Richards,

Opinions based on facts are fine.

Opinions that are based on nothiing more than assumptions, distortions of the truth, and rumors are harmful, dangerous, deceitful and stupid rantings.

Case in point, I am glad that you have finally apologized to the Gobeils for your unfactual "opinions". Maybe you'll at least base your opinions on the facts in the future.

I too am privy to some inside info and knew some of your opinions were not factual. It is not the fact that Nick has ruined his business and family name that makes this case bad. Businesses fail all the time due to bad business decisions. It is some of his actions toward the customers that make him a schmuck. Running into TV trucks, kicking elderly couples out of the office, making veiled threats toward those who spoke up about his plight, lying about when he would deliver oil, taking more money from new customers when he knew the end was inevitable, ...

If defending the victims in this case, NOT the Curros, make me high and mighty, then I gladly take that title.

Don't worry about my lunch or wasting my time. I can multi-task here for 5 or 10 minutes a day.

Now Ricky, you can have the last word. Can you clearly state what your opinion, based in facts, without attacking the victims in this case, IS?

Anonymous said...

5 or 10 minutes. Is that all?

Nick HAS ruined his business name and reputation. Hopefully he hasn't ruined his aunt's business also. Mrs. Curro runs a very nice greenhouse business and works hard throughout the year to keep it going. It would be nice to see people continue to bring her business.

If you don't want assumptions, distortions of truth (intentional or otherwise), rumors, and stupid rantings, you don't belong on a blog. I've been on the internet for over 22 years (since the days of messaging), and that's what people do on the internet. Take the 5 or 10 minutes and go read a newspaper while you're "multitasking", or better yet, if you're trying to be productive, find a productivity blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, I agree with you. That said...

Rumor has it that all the Curros are crooks!!

Ricky Bobby said...

Cal, You truly need help. Is it that important to always be right.
I don't even feel like defending myself with you, and have to explain because I was never against his customers.
Yes I made a comment about the contracts not saying they had to fill the oil tanks everytime, they don't, my contract (with another company) dosen't even say they have to either, they just say you purchased x amount of gallons to be delivered over x amount of time. That is a fact not an opinion. Of course I don't think what he did was right, I'm not saying it was at all, they all handled the situation poorly when all his customers wanted were answers.
A true business man would have handled it differently.
Fact is I hate it when people assume someone is a scumbag or whatever they want to call him, not having a clue of the real facts of what caused all this.
We can say he bought cars, gambled, or even bought drugs with his customers money but that would all be rumors, that dosen't stop anyone here from posting it though.
Fact: He is owed a lot of money (well over a million dollars) why don't we hear about them, could that be where all the money went?
Nobody knows yet.
Really let's end this here, you can keep getting all your facts from what you see on the news and I'll take my opinion elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Brother Billy Curro is in trouble as well.

A nice read before you buy a car at Five Start Auto Sales.

Anonymous said...

this is the best screw guy in the business, now he is working selling cars at FRANK GALOS chevrolet i really can not believe that they would hire him and his buddy at mountain energy lamontagne was helping keep him in business

Anonymous said...

this guy would screw his own mother over if he had a chance once a crook always will be one. once was known to pave an inside of an old lady garage floor what a bad man it time to see him go to jail and let bubba take real good care of him there. hopes he get a judge that he screwed over on oil sentence him to a long time behind bars

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't get the whole garage floor thing. Was it gravel? Is this what the customer wanted? Did it really happen? Insinuation in my mind. Not really part of the dialog here.

Anonymous said...

Billy has nothing to do with Five Star Auto Sales. His dealership is in Wells and called AutoLand.


Beverly Gobeil is a C U N T

and her half a tank did come from veilleux not someone else.

Anonymous said...

Beverly NEVER denied getting oil from Veilleux you fucking piece of shit. Do you even have a brain or are you just making this hit up as you go along? You look like a complete ass. I guess that makes you a CUNT as well.

Look I can act like I have a IQ of 10 as well. Too bad you're not acting.

Anonymous said...

Candy you, your mother and your aunt are all the same...
Take it as you know I meant it...
love ya

Anonymous said...

Trailer trash! All of you.

Anonymous said...

It's AutoLand. Anyone with Google and half a mind could have figured that one out.

The link above provides no information about Curro. They're separate stories.

Again - more gossip rantings. And from someone with NO self respect.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of self respect and a very nice house, not a trailer.
I think if you read above I also said the AutoLand thing too. so I guess I am the one with all the knowledge. Why do you all hide behind anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Why do you hide behind a fake name?

Anonymous said...

The owner of all knowledge
Went off to College
But couldn't follow a thread.

His name was ficticious
And that was suspicious
But surely not in his head.

The sidetracking man
Didn't live in a van
Yet used a ficticious name.

And still all the while
He'd curse, kvetch and smile
While accusing unknown people of shame.

Anonymous said...

Mike Remlin's a gremlin. No Zaba, no yahoo, no google, he doesn't exist. He hides behind a pen name just like the rest.

The Curro supporters, you can tell when they're here, there points and their thoughts very unclear.

Their spelling atrocious, their intellect low. 4-letter words they know like the class they show.

Anonymous said...

nicks kids will be filling pot holes here when the father goes up the river for screwing everybody

Anonymous said...

"Fabian Oil Inc. of Oakland reported to Biddeford Police they received four checks from Curro, totaling $100,002, which were returned due to insufficient funds."

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they have over a million on the books. Now there's hope we'll get our money back.

BTW, how do you know this? Sounds like inside info or rumor?

Anonymous said...

Curro supporters, you talk out of both sides of your ass...

One of you wants people to stop making assumptions based on rumors and inuendos. Another one of wants to base his opinions on assumptions and rumors. Then another one of who has 22 years of blogging says, "...assumptions, distortions of truth (intentional or otherwise), rumors, and stupid rantings, you don't belong on a blog...."

Guess you can't keep it straight.

Thanks for letting us know all the Curro businesses, so we can make sure we don't go there.

Price-Rite Fuel, Inc.
Veilleux Oil And Service, Inc.
Perron Fuel, Inc.
Curro Paving and Trucking
Greenhouse owned by your aunt

NOT Five Star Autos, but since they have been fined by the AG, probably not a good place to do business either.

All this crap because Nick was called a schmuck. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

You sound very confused, thats to bad, now go say your stupid shit elsewhere.

Oh yeah stay away from Dairy Queen also I saw Nick and Billy paving their driveway last summer, you don't want to take any chances.

Good Luck and thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Over your head again? Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Paving. Maybe that's why the Mobil station at Five Points closed. Let's start a rumor on that one now.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I've scanned this whole blog on the word "million", and nowhere do I read that there's a million "on the books". I DID read an assertion that there's a million in debt, and that over a million was taken from customers.

Facts, people!!

Anonymous said...

1st of all i have worked with both of the curro brothers....and anyone who insists they are honest people who care about there customers and the job they do...needs to go work for them for a week then repost a i am not a people basher
but i have seen the curro experience 1ST HAND...i have witnessed some crooked acts 1ST HAND...and have been told to do less then sub-standard work by them 1ST HAND... so when people start saying they got ripped off........ i am sorry pro curro people but......anyone who has worked for them knows how they do business....don believe me ask some employees they have screwed out of money....customers are not the only people touched by the curro experience.

Anonymous said...

The million on the books comes from Ricky Bobby's last post.

"Fact: He is owed a lot of money (well over a million dollars) why don't we hear about them, could that be where all the money went?"

Where does this factoid come from?

Anonymous said...

That statement doesn't mean he has millions on the books. It means he's got millions in unpaid credit, which he may never recover. Don't be looking for that money to come back in your pocket.

Anonymous said...

Good explianation, but I still don't think they will ever understand.

Anonymous said...

I understand. Since this is not a cash and carry business, there can be a lot of money on the books for 30 days before you get it back from the customers. Some customers may be a little further past the 30days.

This is common for this type of business. Sounds like they didn't keep enough cash flow to cover this amount. So know matter how you slice it, still bad management of the company not knowing or inticipating this.

They are required by law to secure 75% of the oil or put aside the money in some type of security for all prepaid customer monies. Prepaid customers are supposed to get oil before cash customers, which is what they did not do and will be their downfall. Bad management again.

Unless the contract for the prepaid customers specifies explicitly how often and how much the oil deliveries will be, it is assumed to be once a month to top off the tank.

Anyone know what the contract stated?

Anonymous said...

I was told by him personally that a lot of his customers have not paid him for oil he had delievered. They were past the thirty days, a lot were well into ninty days. For what its worth the figure he said was more then a million dollars that his customers have not paid for yet. I don't know, sounds a bit much to me, but the investigation will have the answers. Its to bad for the people that did pay.

A copy of two of his contracts are at this link.
click on the section that says The attorney complaint and scroll to the bottom, thats where it has two customers contracts.

I will agree bad management was the cause I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

if you live in biddeford you know the curro brothers they have been ripping people off for years. ask nick about going down south on vacation and doing est. on paving jobs taking a down payment from people and driving off and telling us he had no intention on doing the job. BUT HE TOOK THEIR MONEY

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The City of Biddeford has worked out an arrangement with LIHEAP for 100 gallons to be delivered to 300 customers. But you have to financially qualify. This will not specifically help Veillux customers, as reported in the media. It will help the low income folks.

So ask yourself this question: Which customers are likely to still owe Veilleux (and us) money, but haven't paid? Now who's getting the benefit from LIHEAP?

Need I say "Double Dipping"?

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. We are a one income family with two children and we pay our bills based on our budget.
If we had spent $2000 on heating fuel and did not receive it we would be screwed.
My income excedes the requirement to get assistance but we wouldn't have enough to buy more heating fuel.
It's sad that you have a form to fill out based on income, regardless you still paid and got shafted, that alone should get you some help.
Thanxs to the system there will be be people still left in the cold.

Anonymous said...

FYI....The two women on channel 13 that were interviewed who said they were worked for Nick were fired because they were stealing money from him and they are mother and daughter in-law, (Elaine and Tabitha). They wanted to get even with Nick, oh but you don't hear that side of the story do you! Thats not as good of a news story.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Stealing from a thief. What a novel concept!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, since you seem to be the subject matter expert, how much was stolen and were charges filed?

Anonymous said...

Me thinkst you are confusing Veilleux Oil with Provencher Oil.

Anonymous said...

Charges were not filed, he didn't want to put them through that, thats why they were let go.
And no, I'm not cofusing this with the Elie's of Provencher oil.
They are as low as they come!!! Don't get me started on them, living the high life on Provencher money and then wanting to buy the company with his stolen money!!! They were only thinking of themselves. And then going around with all the jewelry and telling people that they did nothing wrong!! They used to snub others and they were doing work for the "kids" of Biddeford High School. I certainly hope that the police investigate the BAA as she was the treasurer of that organization. Her and her husband handled the money so I'm sure there was some funny business going on there also.

Anonymous said...

At least Provencher realized that his customer's money was being stolen and reported it to police. If Curro knew money was being stolen from his company and didn't report it, he's guilty of unethical management of his customer's money.

It's one thing to take employee theft on as a personal loss. To pass it on to your customers, since that's what you appear to imply, makes him implicit, is irresponsible and unethical.

Please do keep going with the accusations. You're only implicating Curro more.

MarilynV said...

My elderly mom lost 2000 dollars to this jerk.

My mom called Mayor Twomey and cried so much that the mayor wanted to call me in Massachusetts, where I live. She was just so nice and I'm grateful.

It was so sad when my mom was running out of oil and Curro kept promising to deliver "tomorrow". I would ask my mom "did it come yet?" and no, it hadn't.

And it never would.

Anonymous said...

Was it Nick's MOTHER that died a week after this incident? According to the obituary, she WAS the one who ran the greenhouse.

Anonymous said...

It was Nicks Grandmother who passed away, she and her husband ran the greenhouses before his aunt Jean Strout took over operations quite a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh god! This story just got stupider.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Beverly Gobeil in the news again, maybe if she got a job she could afford heating fuel. Instead shes the neighbor that has nothing better to do than to shit on everyone else around her. Go ahead Candy protect her, but honestly get her a hobby!

Anonymous said...


The reason why you move.

Can she be anymore annoying.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you think I'm Beverly Gobiel? I live down the road from where Nick was hiding those tanks that should have been turned over to the police. I'm not Beverly. Maybe there should be a schmuck alert for you!

Anonymous said...

What's annoying about a woman who feels it's dangerous to illegally store high quantities of Propane right next to a university admissions office?

Who's the annoying one here????

Anonymous said...

Two years later and this guy's customers still don't have their money back - ANY PART OF IT. Their children are still in private school though, and they're taking trips to Disney World. Nice people!

Anonymous said...

March 1, 2010 and NOBODY has any money back yet!!!

tiff said...

ok this person nick curro is my dad! it would truley help if you would giving bad comments about him. the news can say lies just anyone else, this lie got out of cuntroll. i kno what my dad did and alot of you dont. heis the best man and father in this world!! ilove him with all my might!! i am 12 and this is horrible for me to read these comments so if you could just please stop. i have been cyring all day because of some thses comments about guy that did nothing wrong. my dad is a great man i love him so much. you dont know the whole story yes he did that but there has to be a reason maybe they where bothering him after he talled them many times to stop. so please stop with the bad comments and yes my parents are married and getting threw this together. thank you

Anonymous said...

March 2011 and STILL no resolution from his attorneys.

I know what your "dad" did, TIFF. He's not paying anyone back or suffering the consequences of his actions: taking money from people when he knew he couldn't fill their contracts. And THEN not paying them back.