Monday, January 14, 2008

Loitering for a Living

Were I the Broadcasting Czar, I’d post this photo outside every college classroom where a career in Mass Communications was even being considered. Why? Simple, it shows a side of TV news not featured in the slow-motion promos. But slow it is, for the news crew pictured to your left is loitering for their daily wage. True, I don’t know exactly what this WLOS news team was waiting for, but if that school bus is any indication - it involves Our Most Precious Cargo(!), or Every Parent’s Nightmare(!), or some other such cliché(!) we bandy about so readily. Of course if pacing the edges of some school campus strikes you as the least bit skeevy, well then, you’ve never fished for soundbites alomng the Soccer Mom Sea. If you had, you’d know there’s no better soundbite source than captive parents idling in the car line outside Little Johnnie’s school. As for any Broadcasting student who might stumble past this shot, let it serve as a constant reminder of the kind of job awaiting them once they bag that sheepskin. As for me, I’ll be napping in the truck. Wake me when the minivans start moving…

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