Sunday, December 02, 2007

Logo in Motion

I have seen the future of electronic newsgathering and it's slathered in garish logos. No surprise there, I guess. But eye-bleeding wrap-job aside, this News Utility Vehicle is impressive. Dubbed ElectionLink (ugh!) by Fox New Channel, it's totally tapeless studio,a hefty 750kbps stream for live video- even while in motion. Fox News did just that on Friday, when some nutbag held up in Hilary Clinton's broom closet and demanded she stop wearing pantsuits. The resulting live shot was pedestrian at best, but the implications of such ubiquitous mobility is enough to make your average photog run off the road. Consider:

No more "We have a crew on the way". Soon the station will just punch up the shot of that flustered crew's dashboard cam, showing viewers a side of their station they've haven't seen before: the logomobile in motion ... the cursery, the lostmanship, the mastication!

If the retractable mast does go the way of the dinosaurs and cockpits turn into studios, the news unit's feng shui must evolve as well. No more press pass collections dangling from the rearview to block the shot. No more death metal emanating from your dashboard's every pore. And the fuzz growing on that old 7-ll cup will have to be addressed.

Running around town's hectic, but I got a whole posse of 'togs dying to take that thing to the coast the next time a wind with a nickname blows into town. Think the reporter look silly when's he's being blown across a hurricane's parking lot? Wait 'til we strap him to the roof of this thing.


Duff said...

The best part about this Fox News rig is that Geraldo is kept in the trunk, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. Sweet ride!

Anonymous said...

I love and agree with your assessment of the ElectionLink trucks. This is the future of live television coverage. Wait till you see what else we have up our sleeves.