Thursday, November 22, 2007

Swing and a Miss

Dwight ShawBy all logic, this story should be A LOT better. But despite repetitive scenarios, friendly civilians and a dynamic palette, my mojo was nowhere on scene. So I slogged my way through what could have been a masterpiece, cracking my hairy knuckles as I tried to muster some semblance of Lenslinger's Zen. It was not to be. Thus, I dug deeper, clawing past my diminished abilities until I lay hands on that I know by rote. 'This ain't rocket surgery', I mumbled under my breath, as I strained (in vain) to keep the pigskin center-screen. I failed. The shoulder-loaded footage I left with was not that of a skilled photojournamalist, but that of a high school kid hopped up on half-flat cola and orange Tic-Tacs. Worse yet, my editing acumen ebbed early, my writing skills tripped the kill-switch and I visibly winced as I sent the ninety seconds of filleted electrons hurtling toward the super-secret, hyper-redundant news server down the hall. Perhaps the only thing that saved me from being banished to the world of midnight wrecker chess were a few decent soundbites, semi-correct white-balancing and the charity of a region still high on pumpkin pie. Still, it did beat running the Photog Holiday Decathlon. Again.


Weaver said...

I liked the story. Thought it was great.

But if you need some practice, there's a high school football game 30 miles away that I'd rather not shoot tommorrow night.:)

(But only if I get the early story!)

turdpolisher said...

Cool story. You're too damn hard on yourself. Just another reason I think weive got to be related.

Anonymous said...

fun story .....

thats the pkg i want to do when i
get stuck working turkey day

keep up the good work

punky cameraman