Sunday, October 07, 2007

Slingin' in the Rain

Brellacam"Next up on the runway, we welcome Gary - one cameraman ready to brave the elements on style! Whether he's babysitting a sleepy telethon or a chasing after some cross-county pursuit, our dashing newsgatherer will slay deadlines with panache - thanks to his smartly tailored fleece and high-tech headsets! But not even a sudden downpour can dampen the fun! This interloper's more than ready to keep his wideshots dry and turn heads with a jaunty bumbershoot perched atop his man-cam. Accented in oversized logosthis ensemble screams comfort and credibility, with nary a gravy stain in sight! Yes, with a photog this fashionable, who needs a bad actor in a trenchcoat?"

Okay, so I don't know Gary (hope he's got a sense of humor), but I couldn't help using his impromptu glamour-shot to bring your attention to the photo gallery of one World Wide Murman. Seems those crazy Canadians threw one mother of a remote for something called the Nanimo Show. I have no idea what that is, but from the looks of Murman's shots, a swell time was had by all. Now give us a spin...

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You Crack me up!

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