Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stalking Chris Paul

Guarding Paul
Okay, so before last Friday I couldn't have picked Chris Paul out of a police line-up. Not that he'd ever appear in a line-up, for the former NBA Rookie of the Year seems like decent enough peeps. As a former Wake Forest University player, he's also a walking legend around these parts - which is precisely why the suits insisted I document his every good deed during his visit to Winston-Salem. That of course, is far too cushy a gig, so what was left of Tropical Has-Been Humberto dropped by and shat all over me. Soggy britches aside, it wasn't a bad way to spend a morning. And what a morning! Paul cut the ribbon on a Habitat for Humanity house, mucked-up his high-dollar kicks while picking up trash and even helped pass out food to needy families. Dude's either at the center of a highly-orchestrated PR blitz, or else he's running for Pope. Whichever the case, I've lionized lesser men, so believe me when I say your soaking wet lenslinger was genuinely impressed with the man some people call 'Nut-Punch'. I'd pretend I don't know what that means, but that would be putting my Man-Card at risk, and I've already revealed too much.

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Mandie said...

He IS good people. No PR necessary. :-)