Saturday, August 11, 2007

Schmuck Alert: Linda Greenhouse

Don't look now but there's a schmuck on the loose in the Fourth Estate. Actually, there's whole roving squadrons of them, but I'm here to spotlight just one: Linda Greenhouse of The New York Times. Seems the lady objects to being televised. With that dour expression I can't say I blame her, but when you're a working reporter appearing before a freakin' journalism conference, you simply cannot send C-Span packin'. Yet that's exactly what Linda did the other day when she refused to take part in an panel discussion unless the cable access people strike their gear. Tragically, the event organizers buckled under Greenhouse's considerable pout and sank a dagger in the back of the quietest camera crew in town. Et tu Brute? And what about you, Missus New York Times reporter? Don't wanna share with the group? Too accustomed to dropping your bon mots on a room full of chortling insiders to brave the white hot spotlight of a few daydreaming C-span techs? Hey, that reminds me, Book TV's on. I gotta go. Oh yeah ... Schmuck!

(Thanks to Mark on Media)


Anonymous said...

You say schmuck. I say JERK!

I wonder how many times she's ran an image in her stories when the subjects didn't agree.

She is like school in the summer.

No class!

Weaver said...

We should invite her to Converge South and then have a little fun. :)



Holiday in South Africa said...

the picture is talking much more than the article.