Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where IS Jay Shurling?

Of all the sports guys I've ever worked with, there are very few I could truly call friends. It's not that they're bad people, but with their trademark bluster, affinity for pastel golf shirts and deep allegiance to meaningless statistics, we've just never had alot in common. Which is why it's unusual that I pine so for a former sports reporter, a loveable enough schmuck by the name of Jay Shurling. Unlike many, Jay never took himself too seriously, never bullied hapless interns, never belittled someone solely because they couldn't recite the roster of whatever overhyped thumb wrestling match held the region enraptured this week. Nah, Jay Bird was always too busy cutting up to ever care how I felt about 'The Big Game'.

Maybe that's why we got along so famously - in the studio, out on the shoot, back in the edit bay. Thus, I was truly bummed when Jay got smart and left the Tee-Vee business some five years ago - for he took alot of fun with him. Since then, I've only seen Jay a handful of times, most often at Furniture Market, where he could be found hawking high-end leather sofas embossed with Nascar driver logos (That's right, I said high end leather sofas embossed with Nascar driver logos). In recent years however, Jay's dropped off the planet - or at least stopped dropping by the station once every blue moon. Has he entered the former sports goob witness protection program? Did he given his life over to the continued study of Krispy Kreme donuts? Has he pursued his lifelong dream of establishing the first ever Karaoke Training Institute? Perhaps Chilton knows...Where IS Jay Shurling?

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Jay Shurling said...

It has been far too long !
I, myself, went on a google-quest to find those special people that I loved to spend my former TV time with.

I have kept in touch with Mr. Eric Chilton, World's most famous sports photog Timmy "Hey Guy" Hawks and the truely lovely Leo McGinty. I have recently run into the lovely Jami Turner from our early morning days in High Point, NC. How life goes on, but stories instantly come back like yesterday upon a chance meeting.

No doubt, we laughed too much some times doing our days of live TV, but those are always the moments that I remember and our viewers still talk about.

Thanks for the kinds words. I've always been a fan and practictioner of nice. You never know what crafty people are out there blogging and what they may say about you.

Send my best to your family. Cindy, Claire (now 4) and I are up in Norfolk, VA