Monday, June 25, 2007

With Apologies to Letterman

Top Ten Reasons I’m GLAD to be back from Vacation...

10. I’m in the mood to hunt for borrowed camera batteries!

9. Dressing like a tourist is even more fun when someone is paying you.

8. My lower back hasn’t ached in days; I need to know I’m alive!

7. Enough sun and sand, bring on the cadaver dogs!

6. Twenty minutes with my coworkers and those punks at the food court seem real mature.

5. I miss press conferences!

4. Photogs get a lot more respect than suburban Dads! No wait, scratch that…

3. I haven’t hauled ass to a ribbon cutting in more than seven days!

2. My right eye now sees as well as my left one. We’ll fix that!

And now, the number one reason I, Lenslinger, am GLAD to be back from Vacation…

1. Now I have time to steal the Paris Hilton interview away from the corpse of Larry King!


Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

I heard Larry King was the original inspiration for "Weekend at Bernies."

turdpolisher said...

I went on the great gear hunt this afternoon. Nothing broken. It's a miracle.

Mal James said...

Nothing better than coming back from vacation to find your gear has thoughtfully been "as the Marines say "Rat Fucked" by colluegues who must of assumed that you will never return since you have been away.

With the classic Oh is that yours I thought it was a spare from the store LOL