Monday, May 07, 2007

Get My Good Side...

The voice on the phone probably sounded familar. After all, Paul Broussard was no stranger to the staff of KLFY. A TV-10 news crew profiled the self-described security consultant earlier in the year, when he announced a less than magnanimous campaign for Governor. This time however, it wasn't gubernatorial glory the local man was seeking, but the chance to explain why he'd just been forced to shoot a cop. Cue the furious hand-motions. Moments later a TV-10 camera rolled as Broussard explained via speakerphone how he and his assault rifle had been taking a walk when they were accosted by State Police. Demanding he drop his piece, the troopers fired on Broussard, who returned the favor with lead of his own, winging one officer before barricading himself in his mobile home. That's where 'Colonel' Broussard was calling from now - the very same trailer KLFY had interviewed him at a few months back. Wouldn't they to like to rush on over now?

They would, and did. Soon a TV-10 live truck joined the fleet of squad cars and unmarked Crown Vic's parked askew outside Broussard'd door. Neighbors only did a half double-take when they heard the commotion - even as the old coot's showdown with the PO-lice forced them to evacuate their own cribs. 'Whadaya expect from a guy who rides around pretendin' to be a cop?' some weren't heard to say. I'll tell you what to expect: extended megalomania. Sure, I don't know Broussard myself, but anyone with a cop fetish, political aspirations and the local TV station on speed-dial will regularly use all three to pedal crazy. Trust me on that one. Or, consider the conclusion of this protracted stand-off: Sensing his fifteen minutes was just about up, Broussard pushed the hyperbole into overtime by demanding a TV-10 camera accompany police to come in and get him. KLFY photog Keith Verret answered the call, suiting up and moving in. Wisely, it seems police kept him far enough back to avoid any spontaneous acts of armed granduer on the part of Broussard. Instead, a Governor's incumbency was peacefully spared, a local affiliate got one hell of a freebie and an old man with more sidearms than sense went to jail.

Wonder if he knew it was Sweeps?

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