Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Forgettable Fire

Stop wasting time here and go check out the eye candy Weaver scored at an abandoned house fire yesterday. Not much is known about the abandoned structure or how it came to suddenly incinerate, but it drew a decent mumble of afternoon lookie-loos and not one, but two El Ocho photogs (some guys will do anything for overtime). Seems Castro and the Weave rolled up at the same time, exchanged Borat-like high-fives before falling into some sort of spot news photog synchronicity. The result is the most heavily documented shack fire this side of Waco, Texas.

But before I come off sounding too high and mighty, let me assure you: Had I been in the area, I too would have run church buses off the road to lay a lens on the embers. I'm no pyro, mind you (though I have known a few), but the random assuredness that I'll once again cower in the glow of some front yard conflagration and go back to the station with smoke on my clothes is one of the seven reasons I still do this silly job. I wish ill on no man, but if the shithouse does go up in flames, I still wanna be there to see it. Guess there's hope for me in this business, after all.

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Anonymous said...

From the Crookedpaw......alright I saw that bearded dude with the camera and heard Weaven in his which one of them fellers throwed the match....come on..fess up