Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fairly Unbalanced

Affixing your name and phone number to the shell of your fancy-cam: highly prudent. Slathering your batteries in Metallica stickers: dated but acceptable. Gluing novelty-store eyeballs to your fuzzy microphone cover: one of my favorites! Flying a Mexican flag off your camera's antenna while covering a pro-immigration rally; uncool on either side of the border. But that didn't stop this KPRC photog from representin' while on the clock - a bonehead move that earned him justified heckles from counter-demonstrators gathered outside Houston's Mason Park. Hey dude, I'm all for regional pride, but what part of 'neutral observer' don't you comprender? I got myself got plenty of opinions, but I can wander both sides of a Klan rally with a poker face and half a pack of Tic-Tacs. Try it sometime. For now though, help me out with a little translation. What's Spanish for dumb-ass?


ae said...

¡Este fotógrafo es los zurramato!

is the phrase you want ("this photographer is a dumbass" in mexican dialect of spanish)

Unfortunally quite familiar with mexican curse and slang since I rather close to the agricultural areas of Washington State.

BCP said...

I certainly respect your professionalism to leave your bias at the door and cover the news and only the news when you shoot. But, all too often in this country the mainstream corporate media never shows all sides of the illegal immigration issue. The fact that this KPRC cameraman thought it was ok to put a Mexican flag on his camera while covering a pro and anti illegal immigration demo shows the bias of a station like KPRC. Seems they need a refresher course in Journalism ethics 101. Incidents like this are why people like myself are turning away from mainstream media for our news.


Anonymous said...

If you can't take pride in your heritage, the shooters wearing Irish icons, Italian flags, etc., should only wear the red, white and blue as well.