Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Diminishing Lenses

I'm no pioneering Vee-Jay, mind you - just a salty old photog with infinite opinions on the state of electronic newsgathering. Of course there's hardly a dearth of video visionaries these days. Consultants, network journeymen, college professors - all waxing endlessly on the art of point and shoot. Hell, newspaper folk alone are revolutionizing video news as we speak...just ask em! For me however, much remains the same. Sure, the internet, magic laptops and diminishing lenses have greatly extrapolated the act of data-gathering. But for all the upheaval in play, I find I produce stories the way I always have: with great care and occasional flair. If that makes me a heavy-camera caveman, bring on the loin-cloth.

But make sure it fits, 'cause I'm gonna be here for awhile. For no matter how small cameras get, no matter how new delivery platforms change the business, no matter how many laptop correspondents assault me with orgasmic blather regarding their newfound grasp of the fundamentals, I'll be out there - swinging from headline to deadline like the hairy camera-ape I am. Along the way I'll cradle all manners of tricked-out lenses, pound out digital timelines from the unlikeliest of locations and fully exploit the spoils of corporate newsgathering. What I won't do is apologize for the confines of the broadcast model. My product is lean, occasionally cheesy and always fortified with concentrated watchability. If that's so wrong, I don't wanna be right.


Rosenblum said...

Hi Stewart
Always enjoy reading your stuff. If you shoot half as good as you write you are Sven Nyquist.

in-gun-ear said...

Oh GOD! We will have to make the doors to edit bays bigger now!!