Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We Interrupt This Delay...

Forgive me dear reader, for I have fallen a bit behind on the blog as of late. I could blame my kids; those two have an itinerary that would out-flank most Secret Service agents. The only way I can keep up with them is to run beside the car and yell instructions into my sleeve, which oddly enough the pre-teen set finds embarassing. I've also been immersed in an off-line project: the assembly and tweakage of my long-delayed self-published anthology. I'd like to report great progress, but then I really would be delving into the world of fiction. Lastly, I've spent w-a-y too much time debating the state of on-line video with the Ornery Ink Brigade. Vitriol aside, I think we're making progress, but - should I go missing - check the dumpster behind every local newspaper in America. Avenge Me!

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