Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Colonel Corn's Mission

Those of you familiar with your Viewfinder Blues field manual will recall a deep operative by the name and rank of Colonel Ken Corn. A decorated veteran of the newsgathering front, this Charlotte photog thinks and writes as well as he shoots. For awhile the good Colonel issued weekly intel reports, tipping friend and foe to the motives of a Queen City news-shooter. Sadly, some fragile egos were shattered by friendly fire and Corn deep-sixed his blog - lest any more collateral damage render him ineffective. But this road-weary sniper hasn't hung up his glass. Instead he's using his lenslinging skills for good instead of evil - spearheading his church's video recon into the hearts and souls of Kenya. So report there immediately for a complete debriefing and if your stipend allows, cough up a greenback or two. You'll know your helping a special ops photog do some real good in the world, instead of playing grab-ass with some schlub who spews military metaphors. Dismissed!

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