Thursday, March 22, 2007

Call Him Lightning

When a rare photojournalist position came available at El Ocho, we launched a hard target search for an up and coming photog to join our staff of alleged veterans. Somehow, we hired this guy. Don't get me wrong, Joe Avary's capable enough. While not technically a news shooter, this quirky young journeyman obviously knows his way around a lens. He proved that quickly, streamlining his cinematic skills to fit the accelerated pace of logos, live trucks and cranky-ass laptops. But I gotta be honest; this cat's exhibiting symptoms of eccentricity grossly undisclosed in his initial interview. Quiet and mannerly at first, it's becoming obvious to everyone that this guy is anything but shy. That bushy terrorist beard, the wisecracking patter, the weird lack of southern drawl that makes us rednecks scrunch up our unibrows and breathe through our mouths. He's even got a fresh blog - one with a title I really dig - even if I don't quite grasp the meaning. I guess the same could be said for young Avary himself - who I'm told prefers to be called Joey. In time, my Belushi-esque new friend. For now though, we shall continue to call you Al. Al Quaida.

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in-gun-ear said...

Stew, you REALLY need to get him some GOOD BBQ from the east. He thinks Lexington-style is the best??!!