Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bend it like Jimmy

Via the dashing Dave Malkoff, a pedestrian-level shot that says so much about the biz. Note the unfettered access, the casual attire, the blue-collar posture - all key ingredients of the photog life. If this looks like the way you'd like to spend your every working day, chances are you're under 25. Otherwise, you might think twice before committing to a life of cargo shorts and mutually assured contortion. Kinda wish I had (though I'd still rather be hunched over an upturned viewfinder than lounging in some flouresent cubicle). As for the above shooter, I'm not sure how old Jim Robinson is - or what kind of border crossing he's so closely covering. But I do know the low-slung shot he's going for and the way it makes you feel when you get it right. Get the sensation, and pass the Ben-Gay..

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Anonymous said...

You think Jimmy called mom to brag his ass was on the nationally renowned Viewfinder Blues blog? I would!