Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Interstate Alibi

With Unit 4's steering wheel in one hand and a newly-purchased chicken sandwich in the other, it was only fitting that my cell phone began to buzz.

"Stewart - we got a cop shot...WHERE ARE YOU?"

If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought the assignment manager suspected ME of winging said lawman in the leg. But the crackle of scanner traffic and panicky voices in the background told me I wasn't being framed for opening fire on a police officer. Quite clearly, shit was hitting the fan in Guilford County and for once, I was in the clear.

"We're already past Burlington" I said as the Haw River exit strobed by at 70 plus.

Guttural noises poured from the receiver, followed by a tersely-worded command.

"Fine, keep going." --CLICK--

Dropping the phone in my lap, I turned my attention back to my sandwich. Beside me, intrepid reporter Eric White looked up from his own drive-thru entree.

"What was that all about?"

"Nothin'", I said through a mouthful of lettuce, mayo and chicken. "Murray thinks I shot some cop..."


kiggins said...

I think you shot a cop too.

Good sandwich?

jw said...

It DOES strike me that you are often at the scene of the crime. Hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

I think not...

HockeyPat said...

I find it strange that the whole "Stewart shot a cop" story was brushed under the carpet.