Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All Hail Chaz

While I'm suffering something of a malaise, a fellow photog is scaling new heights in gastrointestinal adventure. Chaz Smith has spent twenty years chasing news in Eastern Pennsylvania. In that time, he's wolfed down alot of grub on-the-go, which in his neck of the woods, means cheesesteaks. No surprise there - you'll find few folk as intimate with a region's backroads, greasy spoons and folklore as the longtime photog. What is kinda shocking is that his station, WFMZ, recognizes Chaz's uniquely local culinary acumen. In fact, they're putting him on special assignment: scour a list of 21 viewer-selected steak shops in a hard-target search for the best damn cheesesteak in the Lehigh Valley. I ask you, is there any higher purpose for all that portable broadcast equipment? Quite simply, no. That's why I'll be monitoring Chaz's artery-clogging odyssey from afar and paying my respects to a station that's not afraid to spotlight someone on the payroll other than the usual, over-glossed suspects...

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