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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weaver's Well-Earned Win

While I'm congratulating colleagues, let me extend Big Ups to my cohort Chris Weaver, who just won his first of what will no doubt be many Emmy Awards. Now, I've never been the biggest fan of the TV News accolade circuit, but if anyone deserves recognition for enthusiastic newsgathering, it is The Mighty Weave. Whereas I skulk about news scenes ensconced in melancholy, Chris dives in with a vigor and passion that would grow tiresome, were it not so incredibly genuine. So give it up for tvphotogblog himself, who freshly-bagged talisman represents an awful lot of thought, effort and good ole fashioned photog sweat. As for what he'll do with his new trophy - we're still taking bets at the office. My guess is it's already welded to the front of Unit 15, where it will fly through the Piedmont as one shiny-ass hood ornament. Look for it in a rearview mirror near you.


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Wow, that's really cool... Better weld it on tight when he goes to some neighborhoods, or it'll end up on ebay.