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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Interviewing Wilson

Interviewing Wilson
I've interviewed folks through prison glass, from hot air balloons and via dual interpreters...but I don't think I've ever collected soundbites from someone across a fence - until today. You see, 'Wilson' here didn't see the flames, didn't hear the fire trucks and didn't even know his most unlucky neighbor. None of which discouraged him from telling Chad Tucker and a region full of viewers all about it today, of course - as long as he didn't have to leave his yard.

Sometimes, this job is too easy.


Anonymous said...

Stew, Maybe that guy was under "House Arrest" reason enough for him not to leave his yard and alert 5-0. Having worked with Chad in the past, no fence is too high for him to get the big excuslive. His non-sound made the story that much better.

Amanda said...

Wow, a real-life Peeping Tom :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought Wilson was dead. Guess not.

(Too funny.)

Anonymous said...

I call this the "Home Improvment neighbor guy homage shot".