Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Adam's Crib

I've noted here before what a small business broadcast news can be. Now, beFrank proves it. The West Coast news shooter was doing time at a media encampement at the Beverly Hilton Hotel last night when he noticed a burly young photog surfing some familiar blogs. But that's not just any burly young photog: that's Adam "News Hawk" Krolfifer! Not too long ago a hulking youngster with a half dozen police scanners and even more enthusiasm rolled into El Ocho. Before half of us could figure out how to spell his last name, Adam transformed himself from handycam stringer into a grizzled veteran of a thousand news wars. In other words, Adam got good -- fast. Along the way, Krolfifer earned a solid rep as a dead-eye shooter and caught alot of heat for his...inherent clumsiness. But just when I thought might get our news logo tattooed on his forehead, Adam shocked us all by following some familial whim to Kolly-fonya! These days, he's mannng the Sacramento bureau for SanFran station KPIX and, from the looks of it, spending way too much time with his laptop. Good on ya, Adam. But call home once in a while, wouldya?

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beFrank said...

Kids today, they grow up and move away from home, then never call. Oy.