Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chip's Trip Clip

Chip the Cat
Meet Chip, the laid-back cat who got me out of yesterday's motorcade parade. For that I owe him a kibble or two, but chances are I'll have to stand in line just to feed him. See, Chip's the animal overlord of a Lexington glass shop, a feline greeter to anyone who wanders in with a chipped windshield and a lousy day. When he first disappeared, the shop owners only shrugged; everyone knows Chip loves the lay-DEEZ. But this lothario never made his date. Instead he took a joy-ride, getting his whiskers splayed all over the evening news in the process. This only adds to his legend of course. In fact, this whimsical vignette makes me a co-conspirator of sorts. See if you can spot the cameo and the mistake...


Anonymous said...

Well...the goldfish wasn't exactly a goldfish.

BTW, did you notice that Erin Winking's blog is back up? Slap that puppy on with the other links!

Anonymous said...

cameo right off the top.

I didn't think about the goldfish thing, but did notice the nats a bit low at the vets office.

turdpolisher said...

I like the casual glance toward the camera, it was a little quick to recognize you, but the shirt gave you away.

You repeated the shot of the cat walking next to the building.

Nice piece.

Lenslinger said...

Thanks all.

The goldfish wasn't gold, but a beta instead. Who knew?

The cameo was cheesy but then, so was was the story.

The outside cat shots were similiar but not quite the same.

Thanks for playing. Your consulation gifts are in the mail. Really

Oreo said...

Not that I haven't been guilty of it in a past life/station, but isn't that pretty close to staging? ;) Just givin' ya a hard time 'Slinger. I liked the story. Good nat stabs and interesting video.