Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Schmuck Alert: Men in Tights

Via the aptly-named Turd Polisher...

25 seconds of why I don't shoot football (that, and men in tights bore me senseless). Derron Dequano does, though. He was on sideline patrol at last Sunday's Saints/Packers game when a freight train by the name of Deuce McAllister jumped the tracks and flattened the freelance photog. Hey, is that a shoulder-pad in your face or did you just decide to eat your lens? Either way Dequano was sent sprawling, his camera losing a few vital gizmos in the process. O-u-c-h. I can only hope the NFL did something nice for him, but chances are they only berated him for helping to televise their global commodity. Schmucks!


Greg said...

If you watch carefully you can see Deuce tries in vain to stop Derron from falling by grabbing his shirt!

Brought back memories being a photographer for our local Basketball team in Canberra.

Sitting on the sideline (no advertising barries to hide behind) i almost was taken out several times by falling players.

On each occasion they came up to apologise, and i apologised for getting in their way!

Its funny what goes through your head... "i might get bruised but i need the Nikon working for the rugby tomorrow!"

turdpolisher said...

Thanks for the mention. Always helps when the Blogging Godfather recommends the site.

Dequano is O.K. Hating all the attention. But, what are friends for if not to rug his bruised face in it?

in-gun-ear said...

If his employers EVER thought he was goofing off at the games, they now know different!