Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sticks in the Distance

From the Associated Press, a fine frame captured by Gerry Broome at Jordan Lake yesterday. I for one love everything about it: the suncast determination on volunteer Ron Clark's face as he readies his thrust, the frozen squawk of protest from the indignant eagle, and even the bend of the cameraman's knees. It's a pensive (and protective) position, wisely chosen by the anonymous(?) photog - should the jettisoned raptor suddenly veer off from his intended course of glory and proceed to dive-bomb the fleshier side of our good man's fancy-cam. Delusional? Perhaps - but take it from someone who's happily one-eyed every form of weasel, dog and pony show there is ... stay loose!

(As for the title of our hasty post, consider the three-legged beast grazing in the backdrop. If you're a news-shooter, it's all you see...)

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Rad said...

Yes, that's me (and my tripod in the distance) Just for the record, the tripod is not in *my* shot!