Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bound for NAB!

By the time you read this I'll be wedged tightly onto a discount flight to Vegas, the Mighty Weaver at my side. Our illicit mission? Scour the reaches of NAB's electronic media show, an annual gathering of more than 100 thousand broadcast brains and TV geeks from 130 different countries. In short, Mecca for a couple of electro-dorks like us. With laptop and a few tiny lenses in tow, Weaver and I will comb the convention floor for old friends, new toys and other inherent weirdness. Other bloggers I know are promising blanket coverage of this mind-boggling summit, but ours will be more of the cocktail napkin variety. Look for down and dirty updates as we try to make up for our lack of heavy glass. W-e-l-l after sunrise Monday we'll rendezvous with Kevin Johnson and Andy Grossman to shoot some goofy segments From The Floor! Those clips should be up on pretty quickly (Check your Lenslinger's local listings). We'll also catch up with NAB vet Brad Ingram as well as the world's funniest photog, JL Watkins - otherwise known as Little Lost Robot. Speaking of lost, the fellows from Lost Remote are hosting a soiree we hope to hit, before crashing the B-Roll Bash and a half dozen meet-n-greets in between. The only thing we won't have time for is sleep, something I'm told is kinda frowned upon in Vegas anyway. Do me a favor - remind me of this enthusiasm later in the week when I'm back home, battling jet-lag in a sun-baked news cruiser. Until then...Viva Las Vegas!

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