Saturday, December 03, 2005

In Memory of Bam

Astute readers of Viewfinder BLUES may remember the story of Bam, the homely half-breed who saved his owner, Beth Hanlin, from perishing in a house fire by barking incessantly until she woke up. Three months before, Hanlin had rescued him from the grim reality of an animal shelter. Paying back the favor almost cost Bam his life; firefighters used a whole bottle of oxygen to revive the smoke-induced pooch. When I interviewed him the morning after, he struck me as an exhausted yet most agreeable hero. Sadly, this uncommon dog met an all too common fate on Thursday. While chasing a cat into the street, a passing car struck him down. From Jim Schlosser of the Greensboro News Record:

'He was still breathing when Hanlin carried him to the yard. As she hugged him, he gasped a final breath and died. Hanlin held him in her arms for a half hour, wailing with grief.'

Beth Hanlin is a nice lady and Bam, was obviously, a very good dog. He will be missed, by many more than ever met him.

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