Monday, November 28, 2005

Newsbreakers: On the Inside?

Just when I'd given up the Newsbreakers for dead and buried, my favorite gate-crashing iconoclasts are back, with a perplexing video that shows something of a change in tactic. No longer satisfied with ruining the canvas of Rochester N.Y. live shots, these irreverent media vigilantes have unmasked and assimilated. Watch the new clip to see how Buck "Lucky" Owens and his band of idiots massage and molest the media...from the inside. I don't understand all of it either, but I do know this. TV News is a wounded beast, one that's bleeding talent, relevance and coherency all over the fruited plains of the public airwaves. Rarely are the jackals that appear on the horizon this entertaining. Just don't let 'em rattle ya. They can smell fear...

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