Saturday, November 05, 2005

Across the Photograsphere

Those with too much time on their hands will notice I've jiggered with my right-hand margin, pushing the 'Photogs Who Blog' section way up high. I'm doing so in hopes my half-dozen readers (thanks, fellas!) will visit these sites and tell their friends. Beyond my primary mission of pimping out my own drivel, I wish to explore every world of this burgeoning galaxy. Besides, I need my co-pilots to prop up my own warbling orbit as of late. So strap on your crash helmet, burn your press pass and hold on as we throw the old news rocket into Warp Speed and pierce the very heart of the Photograsphere....

Whether he's jetting across the globe on special assignment or staring into the empty bedrooms of his empty-nester's house in L.A, beFrank is always working on his own personal state of Zen. Introspective and outward bound, he is a Master of the Form.

Over on this coast, a quirky communicator who goes by name Little Lost Robot is as giggle-inducing as beFrank is intense. With a mercurial wit and advanced PhotoShop skills, LLR can make you spit soda through your nose in any format. Best of all, chicks dig him!

Here at El Ocho, veteran photog Chris Weaver takes a regular break from kickin' my arse to do a little blogging of his own. My personal tech-guru, this McGyver type is at his best when taking his readers to the Pits, where no one covers the Nascar circuit like da Weave.

Known only as Smitty, there's a hulking Kentuckian who likes to get his blog on. Though we only shared a logo for a little while, I love to catch up on Smitty's home state, shop and growing family. Plus, he features area photogs on his growing site. Give that man a blue ribbon!

Last seen hanging with a certain furry photog at Hurricane Camp, Colonel Corn continues to log his adventures. Now headquartered in Charlotte, this veteran lenser has pulled more than a few tours of duty. And unlike me, he suffers over every word of his most worthy blog.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - unless you're the irreverent Ewink, a Libertian by way of Springfield who likes parking garages, all things animation and the rest of the funky kicks goin' down in Sin City. Just don't get him started on President Bush. You ain't got the time.

He drives around Hippieville in a pimped-out news unit drenched in sarcasm. If I were you I'd get my white-boy dredlocks off the street, for the driver's name is Mr. Guapo and he may be the most dangerous cat on the photog block. Check out his site and see what its like to be Jorge-for-a-Day. Just don't get any on ya.

Finally (for now), a new arrival with the priceless moniker of Turd Polisher. If you don't know what that means, then you've obviously never milked a twenty second photo-op for a two minute retrospective. Turd has, and he blogs about it in a way that almost makes you want to give it a go. Almost.

Sadly, all is NOT well in the photograsphere. Too many well-meaning shooters have set up sites only to let them die on the vine. PhotogTony went to sleep with the fishes, Pixel Wrangler put down the lasso and Screen Left, well...left. What's up with that?


Smitty said...


Thanks for the plug. Have you seen pictures of Jackson lately? Almost eight months and counting.. Chances are he's going to be a "Hulking Kentuckian" as well.

Take care, 'Slinger.

Weaver said...

I love that pic of me.;)
Thanks for the shout!!!


Jorge_Guapo said...

Thanks 'Slinger...I'm honored.

turdpolisher said...

thanks for the props.
been hoarking up lung butter for the better part of a week, but i back bloggin' as sarcastic as ever.