Sunday, October 09, 2005

On the Edge of Calamity

What with ConvergeSouth, American Idol and the CCG, its felt a bit like 'theme week' here at Viewfinder BLUES lately. But now that all that's history, I'm determined to get back to my primary mission: exposing the inherent absurdity of life behind the lens. To that end, check out this telling photo from the great beFrank:

While the L.A. photog has let to post a narrative to go along with this image, it hardly needs context. In it, a roaring blaze towers in the distance while a fetching young reporter summarily ignores it. Chances are she's about to go live(!) and is wise to focus on her script, not the billowing conflagration behind her. Chalk it up to the well-honed detachment of your average news crew. I myslef have played cards inside a sat truck while divers outside searched a river for bodies. I've nodded off to sleep while hundred mile an hour winds rocked my parked news unit. I've drawn bored circles in the dirt with my boot as wispy tendrils of smoke rose from an hours-old plane crash in the background. None of this makes me cooler than you - but in the daily news-hunt, chilling out on the edge of calamity is just something you get used to.

That, and working holidays...


Colonel Corn's Camera said...

Slinger, I have enough airline tickets and I have finally turned on the word verification.

Thanks for your encouraging words on my last post. But I have to warn you not to hang on my words because you might fall.

Daisy Duke's Pool Boy said...

I am sure you are well aware but thought I would toss this link to you anyway. Wonder what will happen to the mighty WBTV

beFrank said...

Yep, we were on a breaker and we were between liveshots.

It's not that the fire was being ignored, the reporter was just focused on doing her job.

It's kind of strange how that post was viewed by some people. I just remember feeling the big rush of adrenaline while trying to get sound from neighbors and putting our ground shot on TV.

I've got the text of the story posted if anyone cares to drop by.