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Monday, September 26, 2005

On Being Invisible...

Over at Under Exposed, WRAL Chief Photographer Richard Adkins delivers his best post yet with 'Invisible', complete with nifty photo illustration:

'Harry Potter needs a cloak to disappear but I can walk right in front a million people and no one seems to notice me. My invisibility is by design… but also is a double edge sword.'

Go read the whole thing, as it explains how a good photog blends into the background to bag the story only to end up dodging the glory.

I myself love nothing more than lurking on the edges of some big event with my camera, working the crowd with zoom lens and steady tripod. But even if I shoulder the beast and stroll to center stage, the only thing the crowd sees is the brightly-logoed fancycam floating across the stage. It's what I adore about the modern TV news camera. Not only are they magical devices that open any door, but they're great shields to hide behind. While I'm somewhat ill-at-ease during certain social functions, give me my camera and I'll wade into ANY crowd. How else could I explain penetrating a throng of angry protesters at a heated Klan rally, hobknobbing with tuxedo'd politicos at a five hundred dollar dinner, keeping it real with the fellas down on the breadline? Simple, I was...invisible.

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Rad said...

Thanks for the nice words... Funny thing we do, hunh. We'll have a drink someday soon I'm sure.