Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Into the Wild

In an effort to pull myself from this mid-summer funk, I decided to go to work today (big of me, eh?). No sooner had I saddled up the old news unit when I remembered today's assignment... GEOCACHING! What? You've never heard of this latest high-tech craze? Actually, I was only vaguely aware of it myself until I met a group of local geo-enthusiasts at the always beautiful Salem Lake. Together we traipsed deep into the woods in search of a hidden ammo-can full of knick-knacks that only a gang of GPS-wielding pre-teens could appreciate.

But I'm not bitter! Fact is, I had a pretty good time picking my way through briar patches and poison ivy in the name of television news. It reminded me of all those Greene County marijuana extractions I used to specialize in - except today there weren't any helicopters hovering above the treeline. Instead there were only bloated draginflys and suffocating humidity to make the trip all that more special. What better way to shake off this professional slump?

Self-directed venom aside, I give the Geocachers a thumbs-up. With their hand-held gadgets, cryptic nicknames and endless war stories, I felt like I was hanging with my pals at the crime-tape! I may even look into this Geocaching myself - drop some coin on my own GPS thingie and get the whole family involved. But if it's okay - I think I'll wait until the fall when glorious color fills these rolling hills and heavy air doesn't suck the very breath from your lungs. Until then, I'll be right here in the A.C., sipping overpriced coffee and manning the laptop. You pick your hobby, I'll pick mine.

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