Sunday, January 23, 2005

More Blogging Photogs

I know exactly how Erin Winking feels. Having recently quit a perfectly good gig in TV news, he‘s clamoring to get back in. I did the same thing once. I got all puffed up about something and stormed out of the only job I ever wanted. I landed across the street, but Erin’s taking his act to Vegas. That’s right - Vegas, baby! Soon young eWink will be cruising the strip in a news car bathed in neon, covering the sins of a city he’s only just discovering. It’s a long way from Springfield.

But let’s talk Cleveland. That’s where you’ll find this imposing figure behind the lens, a giant of a man who goes by the simple name of Newshutr. But nothing’s simple in Ohio. From suicidal seagulls to apathetic looky-loos to achingly elusive smoke plumes, Newshutr sees it all as he patrols Lake Erie’s shore. Otherwise you can find this family man at home, wrestling with his boys, wrangling his cats and blogging about it along the way. Just don’t get him started on the weather.

Still, can it be any colder than in Minneapolis? This Southerner doesn’t think so. But frigid temps don’t stop a squinting lenser named Skinner from doin’ the news in style. This man’s a Sony fan, so keep your freaky iPod speeches to yourself! Skinner simply doesn’t want to hear them, not when he’s jamming’ to his NW-HD1 on the sidelines of some sporting event or another . Unless it’s his beloved Vikes on the gridiron, that is. THEN he listens AND watches through what I have to believe, is one frosty viewfinder.

But our friend LLR has more on his mind than any of us, as is evidenced by this disturbing photo. You see, Lost little Robot is transversing the nation, leaving the familiar gloom of his Portland for the sun-bleached scrub pines of someone else’s South Carolina. Lucky for us, this insatiable communicator is issuing dispatches along the way as he and a friend trek Southeast towards the lesser of the Carolinas. Judging from his earliest posts, it’s gonna be a geeky ride. What could be more fun?

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robot said...

Awesome post. I'm always looking for other photog blogs! Thanks for the props. I'll let you know when I get settled.

keep lens slingin'