Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Level of Discourse 2

More Terms from the Newsgathering Vernacular...

GRIP N GRIN: A photo opportunity with a candidate for something or other who shows up to shake hands, smile and get on tv. See also DOG N PONY.

HOUSE CATS: Producer types who never leave the building. Usually quite blustery and full of bravado - as long as the nearest air-conditioning vent is pointed directly at them.

LANDSCAPE: Exterior shot of crime scene. What you may be stuck with if you arrive late. See also REAL ESTATE.

LOOK-LIVE: a pretaped segment that intentionally mimics the look and feel of a live shot, but never displays a 'LIVE' bug.

MAN BAG: A male reporter's make-up case.

NEWSGASM: An assignment editor's term for breaking news that actually breaks in time to cover it. Hurricane, Bigfoot, Plane Crash - all spawn Newsgasms. See also SNOWGASM.

NUTS N BOLTS: On a big story with team coverage, one crew does 'nuts and bolts' (the basic facts)

ONE MAN BAND: a person who shoots, edits and reports their own news story. Once relegated to smaller market positions, this electronic multi-tasker's role is enjoying a comeback, due to smaller cameras, and laptop editing. See also BACKPACK JOURNALIST.

PACKAGE: A reporter's story told on tape with video clips of people he or she has interviewed, plus animation, graphics, stills or other visual elements.

"PUT SOME EYES ON IT": A common assignment editor directive, used when sending a photog to a questionable story in a far off region. Sure to make the average shooter's blood boil.

More to follow...


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